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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stanley grab from Blanche's hand after the incident in #30?
(a) The paper
(b) A book
(c) The atomizer
(d) Her rings

2. What is the drink of choice at the poker game?
(a) Wine
(b) Tequila
(c) Beer
(d) Water

3. Who calls Stanley a drunk animal thing?
(a) Stella
(b) Eunice
(c) Blanche
(d) Mitch

4. What does Stanley grab roughly from Blanche's trunk?
(a) A bottle of perfume
(b) Clothing
(c) The deed
(d) Love letters

5. What does Stanley do when Stella asks them to wrap up their game?
(a) He says no and slaps her on the rear.
(b) He hits her in the face
(c) He agrees and sends the men home
(d) He smiles and tells her to go away

Short Answer Questions

1. The legal papers that Stanley finds describe how the DuBois men exchanged the land for their epic ___________.

2. What is Harold Mitchell's nickname?

3. What does Stanley do as he clutches Stella to his chest?

4. What does Stanley fear Blanche has done with Belle Reve?

5. Who is the author of the quote on Mitch's cigarette case?

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