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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what plantation was Stella raised?
(a) Bella Donna
(b) Elysian Fields
(c) Laurel Hills
(d) Belle Reve

2. Where is Stella when Stanley meets Blanche for the first time?
(a) At Eunice's
(b) On the porch
(c) In the living room
(d) In the bathroom

3. What does Blanche ask Stella to bring her?
(a) A bottle of whisky
(b) A lemon coke
(c) Nothing
(d) A cookie

4. Where are Stella and Blanche planning to go together?
(a) A club down the road
(b) French Quarter
(c) A local bar
(d) Atlanta

5. What does Blanche do that annoys Stanley?
(a) Drinks his beer
(b) Tells him to stop playing
(c) Flirts with the men
(d) Turns on the radio

Short Answer Questions

1. Stanley finds out that Belle Reve was lost through a ___________.

2. The legal papers that Stanley finds describe how the DuBois men exchanged the land for their epic ___________.

3. What does Stella say she does when Stanley arrives home after a work trip?

4. To where do Stella and Blanche retreat?

5. What does Blanche say to Stanley about how she feels after her bath? She feels _________.

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