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Belle Reve

This is an old plantation house and the family home where Stella and Blanche grew up. Blanche lost the house because of its high mortgage after Stella left for New Orleans. The loss of this house is the catalyst for Stanley to suspect Blanche is telling lies.

Elysian Fields Home

Stanley and Stella live in the lower flat of this house in New Orleans. Steve and Eunice live upstairs. This area is of mixed races and is known for being bawdy and colorfully alive.

Flamingo Hotel

This place is one of Blanche's homes of the past. It is a second-rate hotel in which she lived and practiced prostitution. The place eventually threw her out due to her lifestyle.


This is the name of a small town in Mississippi where Blanche lived for some time. Stanley has friends who travel through Laurel and discover Blanche's true...

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