A Streetcar Named Desire Fun Activities

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Explore the French Quarter and New Orleans

As a class, have students bring in pictures of New Orleans and the surrounding areas to get a sense of the play's setting.

What Does the Apartment Look Like?

Without reading the stage directions, take a few moments to have each student draw or describe the way s/he envisions Stella and Stanley's apartment to look like.

Filling Blanche's Trunk

Have students each bring in one thing that they think Blanche would have had in her trunk that she brings with her to Stella's apartment.

Creating the Play's Program

Have students each create their own version of what the play's program should look like if the class were putting on the play.

Bringing the Play to Life

Have students each take a part, with the main characters switching off every two or three scenes, and read the play aloud as a...

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