A Streetcar Named Desire Character Descriptions

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Blanche du Bois

This character has been a schoolteacher in Mississippi but was asked to leave her job because of an involvement with a student. She was once a Southern belle from a wealthy family and has a failed marriage and dubious past from which she has fled.

Pablo Gonzales

This character is the other player at poker. He is coarse and loud, a strong, physical character who is, according to the stage directions, "at the peak of [his] physical manhood." He also speaks Spanish.

Eunice and Steve Hubbell

These characters are the landlords who live upstairs from Stanley and Stella and are a vision of what the main characters could become. Domestic violence appears to be routine in their marriage. Their audible presence upstairs gives a sense of the cramped living conditions in which the play's actions occur.

Stanley Kowalski

This character does...

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