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Short Answer Questions

1. The locals who arrested her believe Kin to be __________.

2. What did Kin do that contributed to her being arrested by the locals?

3. What special property does the magical table possess?

4. The man whom the characters meet in the desert wants to trade away what kind of an object?

5. Kin and the others discover that the first island they land on after leaving the sailor's home is really which of the following?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the group discover at the ship's crash-site?

2. What causes the brawl in the Great Hall?

3. What do the explorers come to believe about the machinery of the planet?

4. How is the dumbwaiter destroyed?

5. Whom do Kin and the others meet in the desert? What is the result of this meeting?

6. How does the group confirm that they are being followed?

7. What happens to Silver as she and the others near the hub?

8. What does the group do with the winged demon?

9. Why is Kin arrested?

10. How do Kin's feelings about the Company begin to change soon after the dumbwaiter is destroyed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Arthur C. Clarke once said that "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Technology plays an important part in driving the story, and it affects many situations and characters. The technology that Kin and the others possess is miraculous to the inhabitants of the flat planet. In turn, the technology that runs the planet is miraculous to Kin and the others.

Part 1) Explain the significance of Clarke's quotation about technology to this story. Does the author seem to be aware of this concept? How does that awareness affect the setting?

Part 2) In what major ways does technology play a role in the story? How would these elements of the story be impossible without this highly advanced technology?

Part 3) How does the technology that Kin and the others possess appear to the inhabitants of the flat planet, and how do they react to it?

Part 4) How does the technology that runs the flat planet appear to Kin and the others? How do they react to it, and how does it affect them?

Essay Topic 2

The concept of loyalty is important in the story. It affects Kin most of all, since she has immense loyalty to the Company and has reasons to begin questioning them.

Part 1) What is the nature of loyalty, and how is it seen in this book? How do the characters develop loyalty?

Part 2) How and why do characters betray or question their loyalty?

Part 3) What important roles does loyalty play in the storyline? What does it illustrate about the characters that it affects? How would the book be different and potentially less interesting if these complex loyalties were not present, or did not develop?

Essay Topic 3

Forgiveness plays a role in the story alongside vengeance. However, with the culture clash between the locals and the explorers, and the brutal nature of the planet, it is difficult for forgiveness to overcome vengeance.

Part 1) Explain some examples of forgiveness being extended in the story. How does this act affect the progression of the story, and what would be the consequences had it not been given?

Part 2) Describe some examples where an act of forgiveness would have benefited the characters. Why was this course of action not taken? How would the story be different if it had been taken?

Part 3) Explain some situations in which the desire for revenge won out over forgiveness. Why did this occur? What could have happened differently to cause these various characters to forgive?

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