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Short Answer Questions

1. Kin and the others discover that a water pipe was destroyed by which of the following?

2. The demon claims that is was knocked out of the sky by _________.

3. What special property does the flying carpet have?

4. What do the explorers hope to find at the center of the planet?

5. What do the explorers see as they fly over the ocean after leaving the sailor's home?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the explorers come to believe about the machinery of the planet?

2. What happens to Kin and the others at the end of this section?

3. Where does the Djinnee come from, and what does he do?

4. What is unusual about the stars seen from the flat planet?

5. What causes the brawl in the Great Hall?

6. What happens to Silver as she and the others near the hub?

7. What are the man on the flying carpet's real motivations?

8. What does the group discover at the ship's crash-site?

9. Why does Kin refuse to believe that the Company could have created the flat planet?

10. How do Kin's feelings about the Company begin to change soon after the dumbwaiter is destroyed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"The Hero's Journey," a collection of archetypal story elements, was suggested by Joseph Campbell as an explanatory tool for understanding storytelling. The structure of this novel demonstrates several of Campbell's archetypes.

Part 1) Explain Campbell's "Hero's Journey." Could the author have been aware of this concept, and does it appear to have informed his writing?

Part 2) Discuss ways in which elements of the plot correspond to stages from the hero's journey. Explain each stage that applies and cite the section from the book that corresponds to it, giving examples and a full explanation of the correspondence.

Part 3) Discuss stages of the hero's journey that are not present in the novel. Are these omissions demanded by the plot? Would the story have been significantly enhanced by the addition of any particular archetype?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the novel, the author presents several persons, places, or things that are intended to be direct references to historic or mythical analogues. Many of these references are humorous, but some are intended to provide foreshadowing or other dramatic elements. Research a number of these references for this essay.

Part 1) Explain as many examples of these references as possible. Include a description of the historical or mythical analogue and explain why the person, place, or thing in the book is intentionally constructed to reference it.

Part 2) What purpose do most of these references serve in the novel? Use examples from the book of how these references effect the story.

Part 3) Critically assess whether the use of these references is effective or if it is unnecessary or distracting to the main story.

Essay Topic 3

Exploration is a major theme of the novel. Alongside creation, it is presented as one of the defining characteristics of intelligence species. Exploration initiates and ends the story.

Part 1) Outline the importance of exploration in the novel. In what ways does it affect the storyline?

Part 2) Which characters are affected by the drive for exploration? Does it have a positive or negative impact on them?

Part 3) How is the drive for exploration presented as an important feature of intelligent life?

Part 4) How does exploration in this story relate to the concept of creation?

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