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Short Answer Questions

1. The space suits that Kin and the others don give them what capability?

2. What does Jago want from Kin?

3. Who joins Kin Arad at the lounge?

4. The natives that Kin and the others initially meet are similar to what historical culture on Earth?

5. On what kind of a formation do kin and the others land to spend their first night on the flat planet?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Jago die?

2. What is unusual about the raven's behavior as the group prepares to leave Kung?

3. What evidence does Jago produce to back up his claims about the flat planet?

4. What do Kin and the others do with Jago after he dies? What do they plan to do with him in the future?

5. What things are unusual about the ship that Jago arranged for the expedition?

6. What is learned about Jago during Silver and Marco's first encounter with him face-to-face?

7. Why does Kin feel conflicted about going with Jago?

8. What does the Kung bartender's action say about Kin's fame?

9. According to Joel, what are the consequences of the forgery of day bills? What does Joel do as a result?

10. Who were the Spindle Kings, and what were they like?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Forgiveness plays a role in the story alongside vengeance. However, with the culture clash between the locals and the explorers, and the brutal nature of the planet, it is difficult for forgiveness to overcome vengeance.

Part 1) Explain some examples of forgiveness being extended in the story. How does this act affect the progression of the story, and what would be the consequences had it not been given?

Part 2) Describe some examples where an act of forgiveness would have benefited the characters. Why was this course of action not taken? How would the story be different if it had been taken?

Part 3) Explain some situations in which the desire for revenge won out over forgiveness. Why did this occur? What could have happened differently to cause these various characters to forgive?

Essay Topic 2

The raven is a large unknown in the novel. Its nature is never fully explained. It is certainly not a normal raven, since it can burn through a metal cage, appear to be intelligent, and can keep up with Kin and the others as they fly across the flat planet. It could easily have been built by the creators of the flat planet, since it is not obviously more advanced than other robotic constructions that the explorers discover on the planet. However, it was given as a "gift" to Jago on the distant Kung, making its origins mysterious.

Part 1) What is known about the raven? How does it join the group, and what are its apparent motives? What are its known or probable capabilities?

Part 2) Explore the mission of the raven. At the end of the novel, was that mission a failure or a success?

Part 3) Speculate as to what group created the raven, and why.

Part 4) How is the raven connected to Kin and the others, and what will its creators do with it now?

Essay Topic 3

Terry Pratchett is an author known for his unusual sense of humor, and humorous events often play a critical role in his novels.

Part 1) Describe the general presence and use of humor in the novel. What dramatic purpose does it generally serve?

Part 2) What are some examples of humorous characters or situations that serve no other purpose than to be entertaining? Do these sections contribute in a positive way to the general mood and tone of the story?

Part 3) Describe some humorous characters or situations which drive the plot forward in important ways, or at important times. How does the use of humor affect these situations?

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