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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The winged demon has which of the following capabilities?
(a) It can coerce anyone to obey it.
(b) It has unimaginable strength.
(c) It can read thoughts.
(d) It can see through walls.

2. In what type of a building are Marco and Silver imprisoned?
(a) A tower.
(b) A dungeon.
(c) An arena.
(d) A zoo.

3. How does Kin encounter the winged demon?
(a) It appears and offers to free her.
(b) It is placed in the cell next to her.
(c) She sees it moving through the prison's walls.
(d) She sees it briefly during her escape.

4. What are the real motives of the man whom the characters meet in the desert?
(a) He wants to prevent Kin and the others from reaching the hub.
(b) He wants to rob Kin and the others.
(c) He wants revenge for Jago's theft.
(d) He wants to turn Kin into the authorities for a bounty.

5. What do the locals want to do with Kin?
(a) Send her to an inquisition.
(b) Send her to a convent.
(c) Execute her.
(d) Perform an exorcism on her.

Short Answer Questions

1. The destroyed water pipe is believed to perform what function?

2. For what does the man whom the characters meet in the desert want to trade?

3. What do some of the characters come to suspect about the flat planet soon after rescuing Kin?

4. What special property does the magical sword have?

5. What does Kin ask Marco to do with the demon?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the man on the flying carpet's real motivations?

2. What do the locals intend to do with Kin, and how is this prevented?

3. What does the group do with the winged demon?

4. How does the group confirm that they are being followed?

5. What is unusual about the stars seen from the flat planet?

6. What is the group being followed by, and how is it unusual?

7. What is unusual about the first island that Kin and the others come to after leaving the sailors' homeland? What danger does the group face there?

8. Whom do Kin and the others meet in the desert? What is the result of this meeting?

9. How are the explorers greeted when they reach the sailors' homeland?

10. What happens to Kin and the others at the end of this section?

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