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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After they make contact with the sailors and their people, where do the explorers decide to try to head?
(a) Back to the abandoned ship.
(b) To the center of the flat planet.
(c) To the capital of the region.
(d) To the edge of the planet.

2. What do the explorers hope to find at the center of the planet?
(a) The Spindle Kings.
(b) Machinery to repair their spacecraft.
(c) Jago's contacts on the planet.
(d) A control room and the Builders.

3. How does Kin propose to find new Shand proteins for Silver?
(a) By using a technological device from the flat planet.
(b) By going directly to Shand when they leave the flat planet.
(c) By searching for help at the hub.
(d) By returning to the ship.

4. What does the group eventually decide to do with the winged demon?
(a) Let it go.
(b) Send it back to the locals.
(c) Take it with them to the center of the disc.
(d) Kill it.

5. What does Kin dislike about the way Marco rescues her?
(a) He uses excessive force against the guards.
(b) He takes too long in coming to her rescue.
(c) He destroys the entire building she is held in.
(d) He tries to make himself seem like a hero.

Short Answer Questions

1. With regards to Silver's impending madness, what course of action does Kin initially suggest?

2. What destroys the dumbwaiter?

3. Where does the fight between Kin and the man that the character's bargained with take place?

4. What do some of the characters come to suspect about the flat planet soon after rescuing Kin?

5. How does Marco misuse the dumbwaiter during the group's first night at the sailor's homeland?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Kin arrested?

2. Where does the Djinnee come from, and what does he do?

3. How is Kin rescued, and what do the characters think about the manner or her rescue?

4. What is unusual about the first island that Kin and the others come to after leaving the sailors' homeland? What danger does the group face there?

5. What is the group being followed by, and how is it unusual?

6. What do the explorers come to believe about the machinery of the planet?

7. How are the explorers greeted when they reach the sailors' homeland?

8. How is the dumbwaiter destroyed?

9. Describe the creature put into the cell next to Kin. What does the group eventually learn and speculate about it?

10. How do Kin's feelings about the Company begin to change soon after the dumbwaiter is destroyed?

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