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1. For whom does Kin Arad work, and what does she do?

Kin Arad works for the Company, overseeing the production of new planets.

2. What are Kin's interests, outside of her work?

Kin is a history buff, and she is very interested in the Great Spindle Kings. She has written an extremely popular book about them.

3. How did the strata machine chance human history?

At the time the strata machine was discovered, humanity was in decline, and it was believed they might go extinct. The strata machine allowed unlimited numbers of worlds to be settled and revitalized humanity, ensuring their survival for the foreseeable future.

4. Who were the Spindle Kings, and what were they like?

The Spindle Kings were an advanced civilization existing long before humanity. They were telepathic, and they did not like to live anywhere near each other. They terraformed many new planets for this purpose and, eventually, they learned to create new planets for themselves.

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