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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 123-152.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Silver go by a nickname?
(a) She only shares her real name with trusted friends.
(b) Her name can't be pronounced by humans.
(c) She has forgotten her real name.
(d) Her name is six syllables long.

2. What is the result of the attack on Kin and the others?
(a) Their ship is totally destroyed.
(b) They drive off the attackers temporarily.
(c) They become separated.
(d) They kill all of the attackers.

3. How is the ship piloted?
(a) Using telepathy.
(b) By autopilot.
(c) Using film left by Jago.
(d) By aiming directly for a certain star.

4. What is the result of Kin's attempt to take revenge for her friend's imprisonment?
(a) The building is destroyed.
(b) She is badly injured.
(c) The entire town guard is alerted.
(d) The building is set on fire.

5. What does Kin request from the Djinnee?
(a) Directions to the hub.
(b) A magical sword.
(c) A doctor.
(d) A new dumbwaiter.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what type of a building are Marco and Silver imprisoned?

2. The man whom the characters meet in the desert wants to trade away what kind of an object?

3. After they make contact with the sailors and their people, where do the explorers decide to try to head?

4. What does Kin ask Marco to do with the demon?

5. Silver notices that the group is being followed by what?

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