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The Dumbwaiter

This device creates food, drinks, and other materials for the characters. It is destroyed later in the novel, with serious consequences for one of the characters.

The Never Empty Money Purse

This device from the Disc is always full, manufacturing more of its intended contents if some is removed.

Flying Horse Statue

This seemingly inanimate object comes to life, taking one of the characters out of the room where they hoped to hide from their captors.

Magic Sword

This device attacks its owner's foes with little input from its owner.

Flying Carpet

The man riding this device imprisons some of the characters in retribution for Jago Jalo's theft.

Djinnee Lamp

The characters use a being bound to this device to help them escape.

Continous Creation

This book was written by Kin Arad and describes the history of the Spindle Kings.


Kin is held in this...

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