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Essay Topic 1

Immortality is an important component of the universe of the novel. It has saved humanity and allowed the Company to wield vast power over its employees and the entire race.

Part 1) Explain the context of immortality in fiction. What other influential stories include immortality, and how does this affect the plot of those stories? What are common perceptions about and themes surrounding immortality?

Part 2) In this story, how has immortality affected the human race as a whole. Is this change realistic and believable?

Part 3) How does immortality affect the characters and the plot of the novel? Is it an important part of the story? Why or why not?

Part 4) Taken as a whole, have the Company's treatments been good or bad for humanity? Are they good or bad for the main characters?

Essay Topic 2

There are many alien races presented in the book, and sometimes their...

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