Strata Character Descriptions

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Kin Arad

This employee of the Company is thousands of years old.

Jago Jalo

This pilot from the Terminus project crashed on the flat Earth and later escaped from it in hopes of claiming its technology as his own.


This non-human character is a linguist with a fearsome appearance, but a gentle disposition.

Marco Farfarer

This non-human character pilots the return trip to explore the flat Earth.

The Raven

This non-human character causes the death of another character early on. Some characters grow to suspect that this character is spying on them.

The Company

This organization's goal is to ensure the preservation of the human race at any cost.

The Builders and The Computers

These groups were believed by some characters to have built and maintained the flat Earth.

The Disc Master

This character manages the day-to-day running of the flat planet.

The Great Spindle Kings and The Wheelers

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