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Pages 1-27

• The Company uses the strata machine to create new worlds for humans to colonize, ensuring the survival of the human race.

• The Company pays its employees by extending their lives.

• Kin Arad works for the Company, overseeing the production of new worlds. She is an expert on the Spindle Kings.

• Jago Jalo approaches Kin to invite her to come to a planet made by the Spindle Kings.

• Despite struggling with her loyalty to the Company, Kin decides to go with Jago.

Pages 27-51

• Kin arrives at Kung but must wait for a shuttle to go to the surface.

• She waits at a lounge and meets Marco. They receive a caged raven, which someone has left as a gift for Jago.

• They arrive at the doughnut-shaped ship and meet Silver, a Shand who was also approached by Jago to participate in the expedition.

• Jago is shocked that...

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