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The Train

This is where Bruno first suggests the idea of murder.

Metcalf, Texas

This is the name of Guy's hometown.

New York City

This is the city where Guy lives and works as an architect.

Long Island

This is where both the Bruno and Faulkner families live.

Acapulco, Mexico

The Faulkners visit here during the summer.


This is the town where Guy and Anne want to build their house.

Phone Records

This is what Gerard uses to establish a connection between Guy and Bruno before and after the murder of Miriam Joyce.

Writing Paper

This is what guy uses to draft his confession, sealing the papers in an envelope for Anne.

Guy's Book

Bruno uses this to contact Guy after Guy fails to wake him up.


These are gathered by Gerard and his assistants, to attest to Guy and Bruno's conversation on the train, and...

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