Strangers on a Train Character Descriptions

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Guy Haines

Brought up by his mother in a small town, it has taken this character a few attempts before he finally found true love. Any happiness he could have had in the future, however, is ruined by the end of the story.

Charles Anthony Bruno

Though he appears calm, this character has a nasty side to him, that most people sense upon first meeting him. The only person who doesn't sense this is the one he is able to manipulate for his own means.

Miriam Joyce

This character's disloyalty eventually leads to her downfall.

Anne Faulkner

This character is the love interest of, and later wife of, Guy Haines. She is supportive, beautiful, sweet, and caring, and devoutly loyal to her husband. Although she has questions about Guy's relationship with Bruno, and inconsistencies in Guy's life, she accepts his explanations at face value, because she trusts him...

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