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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What game did Helen think reading was like?
(a) Crossword puzzles.
(b) Hide-and-seek.
(c) Ring around the Rosey.
(d) Concentration.

2. In what year did Anne Sullivan come to teach Helen?
(a) 1889.
(b) 1887.
(c) 1890.
(d) 1885.

3. What was Mildred's suggestion to Helen and Mildred?
(a) They follow a railroad trestle to get home.
(b) They follow a squirrel to get home.
(c) They follow a path of stones to get home.
(d) They follow a small stream to get home.

4. In what way was Helen becoming a danger to herself and others?
(a) Her energy level was waning and she was unable to sustain herself.
(b) She refused to participate in family activities.
(c) Her need for stimulation exceeded her parent's ability to train her.
(d) She showed more jealousy against every single person she encountered.

5. What did Helen learn to fear?
(a) Her half-brothers.
(b) Her teacher.
(c) The power of nature.
(d) Being alone with no one to help her communicate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not true about Helen?

2. Where did most of Helen's reading and studying take place?

3. What subject was Helen able to learn about while on her trip?

4. What about Helen's temperament served her well to help her overcome obstacles?

5. How did Helen view nature?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Helen doing when Anne taught her the concept of what it meant to think?

2. After the fever what memories about sight and sound did Helen have left?

3. When Helen began reading her first book, how did she start out?

4. After Helen learned and understood the spellings for things that first day, how did she go to bed that night?

5. What happened when Helen arrived at the Perkins Institute and how did that make her feel?

6. What happened as a result of Helen's inability to express herself?

7. What happened to Helen the first time she was in the ocean?

8. How did Helen take her preliminary exams to enter Radcliffe College?

9. How did Helen imitate her father?

10. How did Helen feel about many of her professors' methods for teaching the great works of literature?

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