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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Helen acquaint beauty and music with?
(a) Surprise and power.
(b) Unattainable things.
(c) Goodness and love.
(d) Emotions and depth.

2. On what did Mr. Gilman base his assumptions?
(a) Talking with Helen.
(b) His personal observations.
(c) Reports from other teachers.
(d) Helen's behavior.

3. What was the one exhibit that Helen could not explore?
(a) Animals.
(b) Greek paintings.
(c) Egyptian mummies.
(d) Roman statues.

4. What about the American Falls at Niagara made a big impression on Helen?
(a) Their ability to spray water far.
(b) Their history.
(c) Their power.
(d) Their size.

5. How does her lack of sight and hearing sometimes make Helen feel?
(a) Resigned.
(b) Alone.
(c) Gifted.
(d) Relieved.

6. Which of the people at Cambridge learned to fingerspell?
(a) Principal and German teacher.
(b) English and math teacher.
(c) Latin and Math teacher.
(d) German and English teacher.

7. What motivated Helen to want to speak clearly and articulately?
(a) So Mildred could understand her.
(b) So that she could communicate with those that could not fingerspell.
(c) So that she could give speeches.
(d) So that she could learn more information faster.

8. What did Helen want to learn in the spring of 1890?
(a) How to ride a horse.
(b) How to read.
(c) How to speak.
(d) How to write.

9. What did Mr. Gilman want Anne and Helen to do?
(a) Hire additional tutors.
(b) Leave his school.
(c) Work harder in her subjects.
(d) Stay at his school more than two years.

10. What outrages Helen as she visits the poor?
(a) The opportunities they have.
(b) The effort they put forth.
(c) The conditions that they live in.
(d) The locations of their homes.

11. How did Helen respond to the controversy?
(a) She stands behind the story being her own.
(b) She did not remember and did not do it on purpose.
(c) She apologized and promised never to do it again.
(d) She had never heard that story before.

12. When Helen took the exams to enter Radcliffe College what subjects did she earn honors in?
(a) German and English.
(b) German and science.
(c) English and geography.
(d) Geography and science.

13. Why did Helen wait an additional year before she entered Radcliffe?
(a) She wanted to be more prepared, especially in math.
(b) She needed to take a break and give Anne a break.
(c) She wanted a year to enjoy her time at home with her sister.
(d) She was only granted acceptance based on waiting the year.

14. In what year did Helen finally enter Radcliffe?
(a) 1900.
(b) 1905.
(c) 1898.
(d) 1903.

15. Why did Helen and Anne decide she should attend the Wright-Humason School for the Deaf?
(a) It was the only school that would accept Helen.
(b) It was close to her home.
(c) It was best for continuing her speech and lip-reading skills.
(d) It was a school that would allow Anne to attend as her interpreter.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Helen describe the Bible?

2. What subject did Mr. Gilman, the principal, take over instructing Helen in?

3. Which of the following terms best describes how Helen attacked learning Latin?

4. What did Helen have to wait for before she could do her algebra, geometry and physics?

5. How do the conflicts of the world seem to Helen when she is outdoors?

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