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Mr. Anagnos - The director of the Perkins Institution.

Dr. Alexander Graham Bell - This character suggested that the main character's parents contact the Perkins Institution for the Blind, which they did.

Bishop Brooks - The main character enjoyed this character's company because he always gave her something meaningful to ponder.

Margaret T. Canby - This was the author of The Frost Fairies.

Dr. Chisholm - This character was the oculist (eye doctor) who could do nothing for their daughter.

Charles Townsend Copeland - This character taught English composition class at Radcliffe College.

Ella - This character was subject to Helen's terrible fits and spiteful acts.

Miss Sarah Fuller - This was the principal of the Horace Mann School.

Mr. Gilman - This was the principal at Radcliffe College.

Frau Gröte - This character was a German teacher at Radcliffe College.

Oliver Wendell Holmes -...

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