Objects & Places from Storming Heaven: A Novel

Denise Giardina
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Justice County

This fictional location in southwestern West Virginia is the setting for most of the novel.

Mineral Rights

This is the name for the right on property which is a separate form of ownership from surface ownership.

Annadel, West Virginia

This fictional town is a model of racial harmony at a time when the rest of the region is under the Jim Crow Laws of segregation.

The Homeplace

This is the name the Bishop family has for its farm in Kentucky.

Pond Creek

This is the name of the nearest coal mining location to the Homeplace and it is administered by Miles Bishop.

The Blackberry Pickers

This is the name of Rondal, Isom and Talcott's band.

Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency

This business was in operation from the 1890s to the 1930s and was infamous for its brutal methods in preventing the formation of labor unions.

United Mine Workers

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