Storming Heaven: A Novel Fun Activities

Denise Giardina
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Student Union

Write by-laws for a union of students with rights and responsibilities.


Volunteer at an organization that aids those in poverty.

Coal Mining Songs

Put together a collection of coal mining songs.

Famous Coal Miners

Put together a list of famous coal miners and their accomplishments.

Mining Clothes

Wear clothes to school one day that would be like what miners wore in the early 1900's.

Town Model

Make a model with cardboard boxes of a mining town.


Write up a list of questions you would ask the mine owners for a newspaper article.

Interview Rondal

Write up an interview with Rondal you will print in People's magazine.


In small groups put Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency on trial for the atrocities against the coal miners.

Battered Women

You work at an abused women shelter. Convince Rosa to leave her husband.

Talk Show Host

As a moderator...

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