Storming Heaven: A Novel Character Descriptions

Denise Giardina
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Carrie Bishop

She is the third narrator the reader encounters and the most prolific of the four principal narrators.

Rondal Lloyd (a.k.a. Lloyd Justice)

He is the second narrator the reader encounters and the second most prolific. Though born before the coal companies seized the region, his earliest memories are of life in the coal camps.

C.J. Marcum

He is the first narrator the reader encounters in the novel. His grandfather tells him that he is named after the two greatest men who ever lived.

Albion Freeman

This character first meets Carrie Bishop when both are children. While with his father who is a traveling salesman, he develops pneumonia and a dangerous fever.

Isom Justice

He is the fun-loving son of Ermel Justice and best friend of Rondal and is often a source of annoyance for the serious-minded C.J. Marcum.

Talcott Lloyd

He is...

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