Storming Heaven: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Denise Giardina
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Chapter One

• C.J. Marcum thinks about how a baby can be affected before it is born. Dillon is making a banjo for Dillon's brother's baby about to be born.

• Dillon lives alone in a cabin but helps his brother farm a hundred acres.

• The railroad companies are selling the mineral rights on the farmers' lands to coal companies using fear to get the farmers to sign.

• C.J.'s grandfather refuses to sign and he is murdered and the sheriff orders him and his grandmother to leave their land.

• C.J. and his grandmother go to live with Ermel Justice, a relative of theirs.
• Dillon refuses to have anything to do with the coal companies. His brother, Clabe, does go to work for the mines.

• When Dillon's family lose their land Dillon goes into the hills and lives a solitary and primitive life.

• The coal companies do...

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