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Greg Mortenson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long after returning home from the hospital was Sarfraz back in Azad Kashmir in Part 2: Chapter 10?
(a) 24 hours.
(b) 4 months.
(c) 2 days.
(d) 3 weeks.

2. What is a 500 mile mountain range that stretches between central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan?
(a) Hindu Kush.
(b) Arma.
(c) Salang.
(d) Pamir.

3. In the end of Part 2: Chapter 8, Mortenson was going crazy sitting at home in Montana, so his wife told him to pack a bag and go to Pakistan despite the fact he would not be able to return home for which holiday?
(a) Halloween.
(b) Easter.
(c) Christmas.
(d) Thanksgiving.

4. In Part 2: Chapter 9, Mortenson's daughter asked a simple question which led to CAI sending thousands of ___________ to Pakistani schools.
(a) Crayons.
(b) Chalkboards.
(c) Jump ropes.
(d) Books.

5. In addition to the Government Boys' Degree High School, what other school was completely demolished by the Kashmir earthquake in Patika?
(a) Shoe Ismack or Ismack Eh School for Girls.
(b) Gundi Piran Higher Secondary School for Girls.
(c) Danse Orientale Primary School for Girls.
(d) Zambra Mora Primary School for Girls.

6. In what city did Mortenson meet Wakil Karimi?
(a) Tashqorghan.
(b) Gereshk.
(c) Kabul.
(d) Mazar-e Sharif.

7. In Part 2: Chapter 9, Sarfraz encouraged Mortenson to delay thinking about closing what?
(a) Tent schools.
(b) Hospitals.
(c) Churches.
(d) Stores.

8. In what small village did Kolenda learn that the people desperately wanted a school for their children in Part 3: Chapter 12?
(a) Saw.
(b) Farah.
(c) Khost.
(d) Ghazni.

9. In Part 2: Chapter 10, ____________ and his principal continued to teach out of tents in Patika, after growing weary of the promises of aid workers and government agents who failed to follow through?
(a) Krakauer.
(b) Omar.
(c) Bishop.
(d) Chaudry.

10. When Prince Charles of Britain and his wife visited the school at Patika, Chaudry did not mention whose help in the rebuilding of the schools?
(a) KGB's.
(b) FBI's.
(c) CAI's.
(d) NRA's.

11. Where was Greg Mortenson when he received word of the devastating earthquake in Pakistan?
(a) Dallas, Texas.
(b) San Francisco, CA.
(c) Salt Lake City, UT.
(d) Seattle, Washington.

12. Where was the first school in the Kunar Province completed in Part 3: Chapter 13?
(a) Munay.
(b) Mulkanah.
(c) Saw.
(d) Tokzar.

13. Who was in charge of foreign relief coordination after the Kashmir earthquake in Pakistan?
(a) Major General Sarfraz Khan.
(b) Major General Mohammad Najibullah.
(c) Major General Farrukh Seir.
(d) Major General Wohid Khan.

14. From what village was Wakil Karimi?
(a) Achin.
(b) Tokzar.
(c) Lalander.
(d) Kushk.

15. What is a Himalayan gorge in Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan, stretching from Muzaffarabad all the way to Athmuqam and beyond to Taobutt?
(a) The Neelum Valley.
(b) The Vedanta Canyon.
(c) The Pratikam Valley.
(d) The Anandatman Canyon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mortenson met Wakil Karimi in what year?

2. What is a mountainous landlocked country in Central Asia bordered by Afghanistan to the south, Uzbekistan to the west, Kyrgyzstan to the north, and People's Republic of China to the east?

3. What is the state capital of Kashmir?

4. Mortenson met Wakil Karimi when he began checking into _________.

5. How many people in Afghanistan were reported killed by the Kashmir earthquake?

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