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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Richard when Darken Rahl touches him?

2. What does Richard tell Kahlan to do?

3. What is Kahlan told by the person who saves Richard from Darken Rahl?

4. What is the only way to take the magic from a wizard?

5. What type of position does Kahlan have in the Midlands?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Richard get away from the Mord-Sith collar, how are Mord-Siths created and how strongly does Richard feel about ever wearing another collar?

2. What happens when Richard calls forth the ancient spirits?

3. What does Kahlan and Chandalen figure out after they search her sister's castle to try and find her body?

4. In Chapter 5, what does Margret see and what does Nathan say about it?

5. What does Shota tell Richard and Kahlan about the veil and what do they decide to do?

6. Describe the Valley of the Lost and who may cross it.

7. Where are Chase and Rachel while Richard is crossing the valley?

8. Who attacks Richard and Verna while they are traveling and what does Verna tell Richard?

9. What is Sister Margret doing in Chapter 20 and what happens with her?

10. What happens to Zedd and Addie as they are trying to decide what to do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The reader will see as the story continues that there are Sisters of the Dark that have taken over a large portion of the Sisters of the Light in secret. The Sisters of the Light work for goodness for the Creator and the Sisters of the Dark work to help the Keeper of the Underworld.

1. There seems to be a sharp delineation between good and evil and dark and light in Stone of Tears. In terms of real life do you think this is realistic? Why or why not? Use examples to support your answer.

2. Discuss the concept that no one is all good or all bad. Use examples to support your answer.

3. Choose two characters in Stone of Tears one who seems to be mostly good and one mostly evil and compare and contrast their personalities, behaviors and morals.

Essay Topic 2

Stone of Tears falls in the genre called fantasy. Discuss the following:

1. What is the definition of genre and in particular, the fantasy genre? How do you know Stone of Tears falls in the genre of fantasy? Give examples.

2. Other than entertainment, why do you think people might read fantasy?

3. Fantasy is sometimes considered second-rate fiction or not good enough to be studied in academe. Why do you think this is true? Do you think it is a valid argument?

Essay Topic 3

Nathan tells Maragret to tell the Prelate that there is a pebble in the pond, although Maragret doesn't understand. The pebble in the pond is Richard, and the Prelate will explain to Richard that Richard causes waves that touch and move everything around them. The Prelate goes on to tell Richard that the trouble with being a pebble in the pond is that the pebble sinks.

1. What do you think a pebble in the pond might mean in terms of Midland's history? Use examples from Stone of Tears to support your answer. Also, give some examples of pebbles in the pond in the history of our world and why you think those examples are pebbles in a pond.

2. Do you think anyone can be a pebble in a pond? Why or why not? Use examples to support your answer.

3. Discuss the various ponds that exist in society, e.g. a town, a state, a country. Include in your discussion how a small "pond" might affect larger ones.

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