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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Nathan tell a sister he called to him?
(a) There was a fork in the prophecies.
(b) He wants to go to the woods.
(c) He needs more wine.
(d) The prophecies are all wrong.

2. How does Verna find Richard to deal with?
(a) He is easily led.
(b) He vacillates from mean to nice.
(c) He is difficult.
(d) He is slow to learn.

3. What does Verna tell Richard about who they encountered?
(a) She/they are from the Southern Continent.
(b) She/they are from the Keeper.
(c) They have to get rid of the body or bodies.
(d) She/they cannot hurt them.

4. What is the only way to take the magic from a wizard?
(a) Skin him alive.
(b) Get him to gift it.
(c) Drown him.
(d) Take off his head.

5. What is a skirn?
(a) A creature from the Keeper.
(b) Shota's pet.
(c) A creature from between the world and the underworld.
(d) A type of hunting cat.

6. What is the horse Zedd and Addie are riding doing about the skirn?
(a) Staying ahead of the skirn.
(b) Becomes frozen with fear.
(c) Kills him with a kick.
(d) Bucking to get Zedd and Addie off him.

7. What does Zedd pretend to be while he and Addie are traveling?
(a) A merchant.
(b) A wealthy orchard owner.
(c) A physician.
(d) A prince.

8. What does Verna say will happen to her when they arrive at the Palace?
(a) She will become the prelate.
(b) She will be cheered.
(c) She will be whipped.
(d) She will be hung.

9. What does Verna tell Richard about his magic?
(a) It is very weak.
(b) He can't use it with the collar on him.
(c) He is using it without knowing.
(d) It is very strong.

10. From where did the creature who attacked Zedd and Chase come?
(a) The underworld.
(b) The northern mountain.s
(c) Darken Rahl's garden.
(d) The southern continent.

11. How does Richard refer to himself to Verna?
(a) Bringer of death.
(b) Light Bringer.
(c) Bringer of change.
(d) Truth seeker.

12. What does Kahlan say to Richard about putting the collar on?
(a) If he puts it on he doesn't love her.
(b) If he puts it on, she will leave him.
(c) If he doesn't she will put it on.
(d) If he doesn't he doesn't love her.

13. What happened to Zedd when he tried to help Addie?
(a) He was transported to the space between.
(b) He went unconscious.
(c) He fainted.
(d) He caught the sickness from Addie.

14. What does Verna think Richard needs to learn?
(a) What kind of magic to use when and how much.
(b) To control his temper.
(c) To listen to his teachers.
(d) All the prophecies about him.

15. What do Kahlan and Richard intend to do?
(a) Have a child.
(b) Become King and Queen.
(c) Help the Midlands with the drought.
(d) Get married.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Jebra say about Richard's character?

2. Where does Sister Margaret do with the knowledge she has?

3. Why is Verna the sister to collar Richard?

4. What does a Sister tell two wizards in the basement of the castle?

5. What does Darken Rahl tell Richard he can do?

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