Stone of Tears Character Descriptions

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Richard Rahl a.k.a. Richard Cypher

He is the main pivotal character in the book and was raised by a man named George. zard.

Kahlan Amnell

She is the Mother Confessor for the Midlands.

Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander

He is a wizard of the first order, meaning that he is very powerful.

Darken Rahl

He is the biological father of Richard Rahl, also called Richard Cypher.

Sister Verna

She is one of the three Sisters of the Light that came and offered Richard the collar.

Nathan Rahl

He is the prophet in the Palace of Prophets.


She is an old sorceress that Zedd goes to for help in understanding the underworld and how to mend the veil. .

Pasha Maes

She is the novice that is put in charge of Richard's learning at the Palace of Prophets.


He was a boundary warden, but the boundary was destroyed...

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