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Chapter 1-9

• Rachel, her father, Chase, and Zedd are attacked by a screeling, a creature from the undead world.

• Zedd and Chase keep trying to kill it. Zedd tells Rachel and Chase to walk and not to run or stand still. The screeling cannot track walking people well.

• They walk calmly with the screeling close behind them. They see a group of people and warn them to begin walking.

• They get the screeling into water and Zedd encases it in ice. Zedd tells the soldiers to hack it into little pieces before it escapes.
• Zedd goes and helps people who have been hurt by the screeling. He meets a woman who has the "sight."

• He asks her, Jebra, to work for Richard. She refuses saying the Keeper has burned a mark into Richard.

• Zedd tells her he is Richard's grandfather and swears her to secrecy. She finally agrees...

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