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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the bank's reply to Leamas' forged inquiry lead Fiedler to believe?
(a) That Mundt must be the special agent.
(b) That there's no way Mundt could be the special agent.
(c) That Liz is more than she seems to be.
(d) That Leamas really did commit embezzlement.

2. During Mundt's first interrogation of Leamas, what does Mundt report has happened to Fiedler?
(a) He has ratted Leamas out.
(b) He has been arrested.
(c) He has been killed.
(d) He has fled the country.

3. What happens to Liz when she is on top of the border wall?
(a) She makes it over but breaks her ankle on the way down.
(b) She is shot and falls to the bottom.
(c) She saves Leamas by pushing him over to the other side.
(d) She faints from stress, and Leamas has to carry her.

4. What does Karden call for to refute Leamas' claims?
(a) Karden calls Fiedler to the stand, who has been recording Leamas all along.
(b) A secret witness.
(c) A special jury to look into Leamas' allegations.
(d) For Leamas to be tortured so he'll talk on the stand.

5. What does the commissar tell Liz about what will happen to Leamas?
(a) He will be killed.
(b) He will be imprisoned for the rest of his life.
(c) He will be set free, but he must never leave East Germany.
(d) He will be returned to London.

6. How does Leamas react to Fiedler when Fiedler mentions Liz?
(a) He starts to cry for the first time in the novel.
(b) He gets very angry.
(c) He asks Fiedler to deliver his secret letter.
(d) He pleads with Fiedler to let him visit Liz.

7. How does Liz feel about her presence at Mundt's trial?
(a) She is more than happy to participate.
(b) She is confused and scared.
(c) She refuses to even speak.
(d) She faints.

8. Liz receives a letter in Chapter 15. What does it say?
(a) That she has inherited a lot of money from her late mother.
(b) That the library has been underpaying her for years.
(c) That she has been selected for an all-expense-paid trip to East Germany.
(d) That Leamas will be home within a week.

9. What does the judge in Mundt's trial decide about the case?
(a) That Liz should be returned to London as soon as possible.
(b) That Mundt is very, very guilty and must be sent to his death.
(c) That Fiedler is relieved of his duties until they know what to do with him.
(d) That Leamas is very, very guilty and must be sent to his death.

10. What does Karden accuse Leamas of during Mundt's trial?
(a) Of seeking refuge with the East Germans when he's really a British fugitive.
(b) Of stealing money from the British government and not sharing it.
(c) Of being a double agent and setting up false evidence against Mundt.
(d) Of robbing Fiedler when he wasn't paying attention.

11. At the end of Chapter 19, how has Liz's experience in East Germany been?
(a) Exhilarating.
(b) Terrifying.
(c) Really fun.
(d) Disheartening.

12. What is Liz's reaction to the attendance numbers for the Communist meeting she attends in East Germany?
(a) She is flattered that they liked her speech so much.
(b) She can't believe how young all the attendees are.
(c) She feels disenchanted with the Communist Party.
(d) She is excited so many people came.

13. What does Karden ask Liz about during Mundt's trial?
(a) He asks if it's true that she's been married 6 times.
(b) He asks if this is her first time in East Germany.
(c) He asks about her relationship with Leamas.
(d) He asks if she really is a Communist, or is just pretending.

14. During Mundt's trial, what does Fiedler argue about Karl Riemeck?
(a) That Mundt recruited him to be an intermediary.
(b) That Riemeck was sleeping with Mundt's wife.
(c) That Riemeck was dealing drugs and making a lot of money.
(d) That Riemeck is Control's real name.

15. What does Leamas say in response to Karden's accusations about him?
(a) Leamas denies even being in touch with British intelligence since he left the agency.
(b) Leamas denies ever being a spy for anyone.
(c) Leamas refuses to say anything.
(d) Leamas admits working for the British, but says his allegiance is now to the East Germans.

Short Answer Questions

1. How knowledgeable is Liz about Germany?

2. What character surprisingly appears during Mundt's trial?

3. What happens to Leamas right at the end of Mundt's trial?

4. During the trial, who does Fiedler accuse of murdering Karl Riemeck?

5. What has happened to Leamas between when he was knocked out and when he wakes up?

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