Spirit Bound Fun Activities

Richelle Mead
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Create a collage that uses pictures from magazines or the internet to depict a theme of "Spirit Bound".


Create a diorama that depicts your favorite scene from the novel.

Map of Test Course

Create a map that shows the test course Rose had to maneuver through during her final guardian test.


Write a letter Rose might have written in response to Dimitri's letters.


Write a poem that describes the relationship between Rose and Dimitri.

Love Letter

Write a love letter that Adrian might write to Rose to express his feelings.


Write an obituary that might have appeared in a Moroi newspaper after the deaths of several dhampir guardians and Moroi royals following Dimitri's attack on Lissa's party.


Research the ceremony the Moroi conduct in the name of the dhampir and Moroi dead after the Strigoi attack on Lissa's party. Write a paper...

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