Spirit Bound Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Richelle Mead
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Essay Topic 1

Who is Rose Hathaway? What is a dhampir? Why is Rose about to take her guardian test? What will the results of this test mean to Rose's future? Who does Rose wish was with her in the moments before the test? Who is there? Why? Why is Rose surprised to see Abe Mazur in the audience? Who is sitting with Abe? Why does this concern Rose? How does Rose do on her test? What did the guardians give Rose to do that they did not give to the other dhampir students? How did Rose respond to this extra challenge? What does this say about Rose's fighting skills?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Dimitri Belikov? Why is Dimitri writing letters to Rose? What do these letters say? How does Rose respond to these letters? What does Rose's response say about her relationship with Dimitri? What happened to Dimitri...

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