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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Dr. Roylott use in an effort to revive Julia?
(a) Mint tea.
(b) Smelling salts.
(c) Cold water.
(d) Brandy.

2. How did Holmes know the visitor took a dog carriage early that morning?
(a) He saw a wagon track on her skirt.
(b) She had a receipt.
(c) There was a bit of leather on her sleeve.
(d) There was mud on her skirts.

3. How did the strange visitor travel to London?
(a) On foot.
(b) On horseback.
(c) In a carriage.
(d) By train.

4. What does Holmes say is his greatest reward for his help?
(a) His work.
(b) Punishing villains.
(c) The money.
(d) Helping others.

5. How did the young lady's butler die?
(a) He caught a fever.
(b) He was drowned.
(c) He was poisoned.
(d) He was beaten to death.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Julia's body NOT show signs of?

2. How has the young lady's step-father's anger cost her money?

3. What does Holmes ask for just after the big man leaves?

4. What two things does Holmes tell Watson to pack for their trip?

5. What does Holmes say is the most important fact of Helen's description of Julia?

Short Essay Questions

1. What effect did Dr, Roylott's outburst have on Holmes?

2. What does Roylott say and do just before he leaves Holmes's house?

3. What did Holmes find out about Helen's mother's will?

4. Who are Roylott's only friends?

5. What kept Helen awake on the night her twin sister died?

6. What did the coroner find after examining Julia?

7. What does Watson say is his keenest pleasure in life?

8. What did Helen think her sister died from?

9. What does Holmes do when he hears that Julia died?

10. What does Holmes do as he is driven out to the house, and what does this mean?

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