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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How often did Helen say Julia used the rope hanging from the ceiling in her room?
(a) Every other day.
(b) Never.
(c) Once a week.
(d) All the time.

2. What is the name of the Inn Holmes and Watson will stay in that night?
(a) The Kiss.
(b) The Crown.
(c) The Crumb.
(d) The King.

3. What is sitting on top of the safe in Roylott's room?
(a) A jar of ink.
(b) Some jerked beef.
(c) A saucer of milk.
(d) A bottle of brandy.

4. Where did the snake come from?
(a) India.
(b) South America.
(c) Asia.
(d) Africa.

5. Why does Holmes not believe construction was needed on Helen's room?
(a) There are no workers there.
(b) The scaffolding is not set up correctly.
(c) The wall does not need repairs.
(d) Nothing has been moved out of the room.

6. What does Holmes examine before he finishes his study of Roylott's room?
(a) The bed.
(b) The window pane.
(c) The safe.
(d) The wooden chair.

7. What kind of animal does Holmes ask about when he is looking at Roylott's room?
(a) A monkey.
(b) A dog.
(c) A cat.
(d) A ferret.

8. What does Helen say is inside the safe in Roylott's room?
(a) His guns.
(b) Stragely shaped packets.
(c) Jewels.
(d) Business papers.

9. When is Roylott expected back at the house on the day Holmes gets there?
(a) The next morning.
(b) Evening.
(c) Noon.
(d) Midnight.

10. What did the authorities decide after reviewing Roylott's death?
(a) A gypsy let the snake in.
(b) He ingested the same poison as Julia did.
(c) He died while being careless with his animal.
(d) He had a heart attack.

11. What is the first room in the house Holmes inspects?
(a) Dr. Roylott's.
(b) The kitchen.
(c) Julia's.
(d) Helen's.

12. Where did Holmes send Helen after telling her what happened?
(a) The Inn.
(b) Her fiance's house.
(c) His home in London.
(d) Her aunt's house.

13. How did Roylott treat the young boy driving his carriage?
(a) He yelled and cursed at him.
(b) He was surprisingly kind.
(c) He was very conceited towards the boy.
(d) He ignored him.

14. How does Helen feel when she hears that Roylott followed her to Holmes's house?
(a) Angry.
(b) Not surprised.
(c) Horrified.
(d) Fearful.

15. What did the snake get every time it returned from Julia's room?
(a) Milk.
(b) Time outside.
(c) Frogs.
(d) A rat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Watson insist on being involved in the plan that night?

2. How do Holmes and Watson get onto the property at night?

3. Why does Holmes hesitate about involving Watson in the night's plan?

4. What does Holmes say he knew he would find in the house before he ever got to it?

5. Why did the snake bite Roylott?

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