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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Holmes and Watson take off before they enter the window to Julia's room?
(a) Their gloves.
(b) Their hats.
(c) Their coats.
(d) Their shoes.

2. Where does the ventilator in Julia's room lead to?
(a) Dr. Roylott's room.
(b) Helen's room.
(c) The outside air.
(d) The hall way.

3. How does Holmes describe the murder of Julia?
(a) Cruel.
(b) Extravagant.
(c) Pompous.
(d) Subtle.

4. What two items does Holmes lay out on the bed as they wait in Julia's room?
(a) A book and a box of pills.
(b) A lamp and a saucer of milk.
(c) A knife and a rope.
(d) A cane and a candle.

5. Where was the creature that killed Julia kept?
(a) A wicker chair.
(b) The doctor's bag.
(c) A pillow sham.
(d) The safe.

6. How often does the church clock chime?
(a) Every ten minutes.
(b) Every hour.
(c) Every half hour.
(d) Every quarter hour.

7. What is sitting on top of the safe in Roylott's room?
(a) A jar of ink.
(b) A bottle of brandy.
(c) Some jerked beef.
(d) A saucer of milk.

8. How did Roylott treat the young boy driving his carriage?
(a) He ignored him.
(b) He was surprisingly kind.
(c) He yelled and cursed at him.
(d) He was very conceited towards the boy.

9. How long does Holmes say it took Roylott to die?
(a) 30 seconds.
(b) 5 minutes.
(c) 10 seconds.
(d) 10 minutes.

10. What is wrapped around Roylott's neck when Holmes enters his room?
(a) A snake.
(b) A bandana.
(c) A noose.
(d) A scarf.

11. What does Holmes do after leaving Roylott's room?
(a) Smokes.
(b) Reads.
(c) Sleeps.
(d) Paces.

12. What does Holmes examine before he finishes his study of Roylott's room?
(a) The wooden chair.
(b) The bed.
(c) The safe.
(d) The window pane.

13. What does Helen say is inside the safe in Roylott's room?
(a) Stragely shaped packets.
(b) Jewels.
(c) Business papers.
(d) His guns.

14. What was the metal clanging Helen heard the night Julia died?
(a) The vent being closed.
(b) The vent being opened.
(c) The safe being closed.
(d) The window shutting.

15. Why does Holmes not believe construction was needed on Helen's room?
(a) The scaffolding is not set up correctly.
(b) There are no workers there.
(c) Nothing has been moved out of the room.
(d) The wall does not need repairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Holmes say he will NOT feel much of about Roylott's death?

2. What does Watson say the whistling sound is like?

3. What color is the house?

4. What is the rope hanging from the ceiling in Julia's room used for?

5. What kind of safe does Roylott keep in his room?

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