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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the big man get to Holmes's house?
(a) He read a map.
(b) He used the business card Holmes had passed out.
(c) He asked a policeman.
(d) He followed Helen.

2. Why did the narrator take so long to write about this case?
(a) He never had time to write about it.
(b) He was unsure if people would believe it.
(c) He forgot about it.
(d) He made a promise of secrecy.

3. How do Holmes and Watson get to the countryside?
(a) Train.
(b) They take a carriage.
(c) They walk.
(d) Horseback.

4. What is the name of the young lady's twin sister?
(a) Jane.
(b) Julia.
(c) Jeanette.
(d) Joanna.

5. What does the man who comes into Holmes's house look like to Watson?
(a) A desperate man and a genius.
(b) A farmer and a businessman.
(c) A devil and a saint.
(d) A prisoner and a detective.

6. How has the young lady's step-father's anger cost her money?
(a) She has had to bail him out of jail.
(b) She has had to pay court fees.
(c) She has had to pay people to smooth over brawls.
(d) She has had to repair the house.

7. What does Holmes do while the big man is insulting him?
(a) Reads.
(b) Packs his bag.
(c) Laughs.
(d) Faints.

8. What does Holmes ask for just after the big man leaves?
(a) Breakfast.
(b) A map of the country.
(c) His walking shoes.
(d) Some tea.

9. How many cases has Holmes completed in the past 8 years?
(a) 50.
(b) 60.
(c) 80.
(d) 70.

10. Where does Holmes plan to meet with Helen?
(a) At the house.
(b) In the town.
(c) In a hotel.
(d) At the train station.

11. Who referred the strange visitor to Sherlock Holmes?
(a) Ms. Franklin.
(b) Mrs. Farintosh.
(c) Ms. Frintlock.
(d) Mrs. Farnsworth.

12. How does Holmes say he learns about people before they speak to him?
(a) Plain clues.
(b) Really good guesses.
(c) Psychic abilities.
(d) Acute observance.

13. How does the big man describe himself before he leaves?
(a) Aggressive.
(b) Possessive.
(c) Passionate.
(d) Dangerous.

14. Who does Holmes see walking along the path to the house?
(a) Helen's fiance.
(b) The big man.
(c) Helen.
(d) A gypsy.

15. How many bedrooms are located on the ground floor of the estate?
(a) 2.
(b) 3.
(c) 5.
(d) 4.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is unique about the case written about in this book?

2. How did the strange visitor travel to London?

3. How did Helen describe what came out of Julia's room while Helen was in the hall?

4. What did Helen think Julia died of?

5. Where does the young lady's stepfather import his animals from?

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