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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Holmes do after leaving Roylott's room?
(a) Sleeps.
(b) Paces.
(c) Smokes.
(d) Reads.

2. What does Holmes tell Helen to do to protect herself from Roylott when he returns from town?
(a) Lock her door.
(b) Keep a fire in her hearth.
(c) Arm herself.
(d) Never be alone with him.

3. What was Julia holding in her hand when she died?
(a) A Bible.
(b) A letter opener.
(c) A wine goblet.
(d) A match.

4. What two things does Holmes tell Watson to pack for their trip?
(a) A toothbrush and a revolver.
(b) A dagger and a cloak.
(c) His medical bag and some shoes.
(d) A hairbrush and a cane.

5. How long before Julia's death was the ventilator installed?
(a) 2 days.
(b) A week.
(c) 2 weeks.
(d) A day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What excuse is Helen supposed to use to get to her room early?

2. What was Julia wearing when she died?

3. What did Holmes notice about Julia's bed?

4. Where does Holmes tell Helen to spend the night after Roylott goes to sleep?

5. What is wrapped around Roylott's neck when Holmes enters his room?

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