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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Lenski working as a tutor?
(a) To put himself through graduate school at the University in St. Petersburg.
(b) To put his son through undergraduate school at Cambridge.
(c) He is paying off a debt to Nabokov's father.
(d) He loves teaching children.

2. After Cambridge, how is Nabokov's life?
(a) A middle-class life.
(b) A life of financial success and artistic destitution.
(c) A life of financial destitution and intellectual opulence.
(d) A similar life to that in Russia.

3. What types of tutors does Nabokov's father seem to intentionally choose?
(a) Those with experience working with aristocrat's children.
(b) Tutors with widely varying backgrounds and subjects of expertise.
(c) Those who attend college at Cambridge.
(d) Tutors with a background in Russian literature.

4. Why is Nabokov's tutor rebuked by his mother?
(a) He spies on the young couple.
(b) He is repeatedly late.
(c) He is being rude to her children.
(d) He is not doing an adequate job.

5. What does Vladimir continue to do while in exile in Berlin?
(a) Write about human rights.
(b) Work for the Russian government.
(c) Own property in Russia.
(d) Take his family to France for the summers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Though he is an excellent teacher to the Nabokov boys, what does Lenski find difficult?

2. What earns Vladimir several rebukes from the Tsarist government?

3. Why does Nabokov ride his bike each afternoon past the house of the family's head coachmen?

4. Who finds himself surrounded by social elites whose view of the Revolution is, at least at first, far more positive than his own?

5. What is the subject of this chapter?

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