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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mr. Cummings influence Nabokov's scientific drawings of butterflies?
(a) He is Nabokov's butterfly instructor.
(b) He is Nabokov's science instructor.
(c) He is Nabokov's drawing instructor.
(d) He is Nabokov's botanist.

2. What properties do the Nabokovs own until the Russian revolution?
(a) Several summer cottages on the Baltic Sea.
(b) A large estate in Moscow.
(c) A large estate in St. Petersburg.
(d) Several large estates south of St. Petersburg.

3. When do they arrive in Paris?
(a) In the middle of the night.
(b) Late afternoon.
(c) Early morning.
(d) Early afternoon.

4. Though many doubt this ailment, What happens to Ivanovich?
(a) He ends up with scoliosis.
(b) He dies of a heart ailment.
(c) He dies from lung cancer.
(d) He slips a disc.

5. This chapter is the first recorded work, published in French in 1936, under the name "Mademoiselle O."
(a) Chapter Four.
(b) Chapter Seven.
(c) Chapter Two.
(d) Chapter Five.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why, when Nabokov is a child, is he terrified of the dark?

2. Of what descent is Nabokov's mother?

3. Why does Young Vladimir favor the new methods of studying butterflies?

4. When does Nabokov eventually discover a new species?

5. What would change throughout Nabokov's childhood, depending on the prevailing advice of the family's current medical consultant?

Short Essay Questions

1. What schooling does Nabokov's father receive?

2. What happens to Dimitri Nabokov after his retirement?

3. What is known about the chapters prior to the writing of this book?

4. How does his butterfly hobby affect his life?

5. He also had several art instructors. Who are they and what does he learn from them?

6. Who is Tamara?

7. Describe Nabokov's encounters with his cousin, Yuri.

8. Why does Mademoiselle want to leave the family?

9. What is the process Nabokov goes through to create a poem?

10. Why does Nabokov have trouble sleeping?

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