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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nabokov call the process of using both the English and Russian translations of "Speak, Memory" to shape the current work?
(a) Rewriting.
(b) Reediting.
(c) Re-Englishing.
(d) Redoing.

2. Why does Nabokov's father force the family to leave a sidewalk cafe?
(a) The wait staff is slow and untrained.
(b) The food is not edible.
(c) The father notices two Japanese officers dining at a nearby table.
(d) His father sees an old acquaintance he would rather avoid.

3. Why is Nabokov disappointed to hear that one of his tutors marries a peasant girl?
(a) He thinks of his tutors as people devoted to their art or profession.
(b) He thinks he should have married his aunt.
(c) He thinks he should have married someone in a higher social class.
(d) He thinks he should have married one of his sisters.

4. To what does the memory of the bracelet lead?
(a) An important memory about Mademoiselle.
(b) An important memory about his father.
(c) An important memory about Colette.
(d) An important memory about his mother.

5. What mystifies the two boys about Mademoiselle?
(a) She is kind most of the timea but can easily lose her temper.
(c) She has children that visit her once a month, but she never allows the two boys to play with her children.
(d) She reads many novels to the boys, all in French, with a smooth, gentle voice.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many years does Mademoiselle spend with the family?

2. What are two events that Nabokov remembers watching outside his mother's window?

3. Where do the children bathe?

4. How does Nabokov open his autobiography?

5. Who occupies one of the estates near St. Petersburg when not abroad?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does young Vladimir think about when he wakes in the morning?

2. What does the Russian revolution do to most of Russia's writers and artists?

3. How do the Nabokovs travel from St. Petersburg to Paris?

4. He also had several art instructors. Who are they and what does he learn from them?

5. Who is Kirill?

6. When does Nabokov meet Colette? How do they spend their time together?

7. What memory leads to an important memory about his father?

8. Vladimir and his brother, Sergey, go through a series of nurses and governesses. Describe some of his memories of these women.

9. Who is Tamara?

10. How does Nabokov's autobiography begin?

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