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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Nabokov's father force the family to leave a sidewalk cafe?
(a) The father notices two Japanese officers dining at a nearby table.
(b) The wait staff is slow and untrained.
(c) His father sees an old acquaintance he would rather avoid.
(d) The food is not edible.

2. Who are Miss Norcott and Miss Hunt?
(a) Two of Vladimir's governesses.
(b) Two of Vladimir's tutors.
(c) Two of Vladimir's aunts.
(d) Two of Vladimir's girlfriends.

3. Why does Nabokov's mother often wander the estate's forest?
(a) To search for mushrooms.
(b) She loves the estate property.
(c) She becomes lost easily.
(d) It helps clear her mind.

4. When does Nabokov eventually discover a new species?
(a) In Germany visiting his family.
(b) Not until he is an old man, living in exile in the United States.
(c) At Cambridge.
(d) As a small boy in Russia.

5. Who accompanies Vladimir and his companion on the beach?
(a) His cousiin, Yuri.
(b) A fox terrier.
(c) The girl's little brother.
(d) A cocker spaniel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What properties do the Nabokovs own until the Russian revolution?

2. How does Mademoiselle provide Vladimir with an extra hour or two out of the darkness?

3. How does the family spend their time in this town?

4. With what is the aristocratic Nabokov house stocked?

5. To what does Nabokov compare existence?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Nabokov angry with the Bolsheviks? What is the cause of this anger?

2. How does Nabokov describe the poet?

3. Describe Nabokov's encounters with his cousin, Yuri.

4. How does his butterfly hobby affect his life?

5. How does Nabokov describe the final years in Europe?

6. What is Nabokov's life like after leaving Cambridge?

7. What does he learn about himself, regarding Russian poets?

8. Who are the tutors hired to educate the Nabokov children?

9. He also had several art instructors. Who are they and what does he learn from them?

10. How does Nabokov's autobiography begin?

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