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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Nabokov describe the poet?
(a) A man he wishes to be.
(b) A man who can feel and interpret everything that is happening in any single moment.
(c) A man who can describe any setting.
(d) A man of simple words.

2. When does Nabokov begin to write poetry?
(a) Around 1924.
(b) Around 1914.
(c) Around 1934.
(d) Around 1904.

3. How would Nabokov spend hours?
(a) Writing poetry.
(b) With a chess board in front of him.
(c) Chasing butterflies.
(d) Playing lawn tennis.

4. What do Yuri and Nabokov invent?
(a) A weapon.
(b) A game.
(c) A way to distract siblings.
(d) A tool to make household chores easier.

5. Why do they hire the village schoolmaster, though he is not technically one of the family's regular tutors?
(a) To give them writing lessons.
(b) To give them French lessons.
(c) To give them a crash course in the Russian language.
(d) To give them mathematics lessons.

6. What does he do with a poem before he writes it down?
(a) He discusses his ideas with his father.
(b) He reads the poem to his mother.
(c) He contructs it entirely in his head.
(d) He writes it on a chalkboard.

7. What does she tell him when he is finished reciting the poem?
(a) She proclaims it wonderful and beyond compare.
(b) He should find another hobby.
(c) He should have it published.
(d) Studying butterflies is a better way to spend one's day.

8. What is Nabokov called in exile?
(a) An immigrant.
(b) A dirty Russian.
(c) A white Russian.
(d) A ymigry.

9. His other brother, Sergey, is only a year younger than Nabokov. The two are raised together, but what makes them different?
(a) They have different fathers.
(b) They have different hair color.
(c) They have different tutors.
(d) They have disparate interests.

10. What makes becoming a Russian novelist an uphill battle for Nabokov at Cambridge?
(a) He does not know of very many Russian writers.
(b) The pull toward Western literature is strong.
(c) He is not a great writer.
(d) He does not speak Russian very well.

11. Who is their first spelling tutor?
(a) Max.
(b) Ordo.
(c) Dmitri.
(d) Oliver.

12. What is one thing he recalls suddenly becoming aware of while creating a poem?
(a) He has forgotten part of the poem.
(b) His father is speaking to him.
(c) His mother is removing a plate of untouched food from in front of him.
(d) He's standing in the rain.

13. What does Vladimir do before hurrying young Nabokov along to school?
(a) He checks his school work.
(b) He has him take a bath.
(c) He makes sure he eats breakfast.
(d) He bends down to kiss Nabokov.

14. What does Vladimir continue to do while in exile in Berlin?
(a) Take his family to France for the summers.
(b) Write about human rights.
(c) Work for the Russian government.
(d) Own property in Russia.

15. After Cambridge, how is Nabokov's life?
(a) A middle-class life.
(b) A life of financial destitution and intellectual opulence.
(c) A life of financial success and artistic destitution.
(d) A similar life to that in Russia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the relationship fizzle out?

2. Who rents a modest summer cottage called a dachka?

3. What does young Nabokov's status as a child of the intelligentsia often do to him?

4. What does Nabokov mean when he says poetry is positional?

5. What precaution does Nabokov's father take?

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