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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who finds himself surrounded by social elites whose view of the Revolution is, at least at first, far more positive than his own?
(a) Sergey.
(b) Nabokov.
(c) Dmitri.
(d) Yuri.

2. At what does Nabokov hint about Sergey?
(a) His wish to emigrate to America.
(b) His desire to join the military.
(c) His interest in a girl.
(d) His possible homosexuality.

3. Why does Nabokov have secret spots?
(a) He has found them in pursuit of butterflies.
(b) He and his brother play in the secret spots.
(c) He and Tamara find the secret spots.
(d) He finds them while writing poetry.

4. Nabokov develops a fondness for what?
(a) Poetry.
(b) Butterflies.
(c) Lawn tennis.
(d) Composing chess problems.

5. What is the purpose of the Constituent Assembly?
(a) To support the Soviets.
(b) Tries to limit the extent of Soviet control.
(c) To give power to the Soviets.
(d) To encourage Soviet control.

6. Though he is an excellent teacher to the Nabokov boys, what does Lenski find difficult?
(a) Teaching the boys to be well-behaved.
(b) Teaching the boys mathematics.
(c) Making his lessons interesting.
(d) His own studies.

7. Who does Nabokov meet at the age of sixteen?
(a) His youngest brother.
(b) A young girl named Tamara.
(c) His cousin, Yuri.
(d) A young girl named Colette.

8. Why does Max endear himself to the dogs?
(a) So they do not raise the alarm when he comes back from his late night trysts.
(b) He would like to own a kennel of his own some day.
(c) He is initially afraid of them, so he gives them treats, so they will stay calm.
(d) He loves dogs.

9. How does she respond to his poem?
(a) She does not think it is very good.
(b) She sits listening with tears in her eyes.
(c) She is hardly paying attention to the poem.
(d) She sits patiently and then asks a lot of questions.

10. Who is their first spelling tutor?
(a) Max.
(b) Dmitri.
(c) Ordo.
(d) Oliver.

11. Why is Nabokov's tutor rebuked by his mother?
(a) He is repeatedly late.
(b) He is not doing an adequate job.
(c) He spies on the young couple.
(d) He is being rude to her children.

12. What does Nabokov remember about his father's remarkable writing ability?
(a) He could spell any word.
(b) He has beautiful handwriting.
(c) He could write sentence after sentence without correction.
(d) He is very poetic.

13. What happens to Yuri in northern Crimea?
(a) He is killed.
(b) He is married.
(c) He is captured.
(d) He converts to Catholicism.

14. Why does the relationship fizzle out?
(a) Nabokov's father finds out.
(b) Tamara is tired of him.
(c) They no longer have anything in common.
(d) Tamara moves back to St. Petersburg and gets a job.

15. What earns Vladimir several rebukes from the Tsarist government?
(a) His tardiness to meetings.
(b) His refusal to be on this council.
(c) His increasing outspokenness about human rights.
(d) His teasing of the Tsarina.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once, upon returning from the park with a poem freshly in his mind, what does he do?

2. What does Nabokov say they had lost that winter in St. Petersburg?

3. What does the headstrong Yuri in later life introduce to Nabokov?

4. How does Nabokov describe the poet?

5. Why do they hire the village schoolmaster, though he is not technically one of the family's regular tutors?

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