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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Nabokov have secret spots?
(a) He and Tamara find the secret spots.
(b) He finds them while writing poetry.
(c) He has found them in pursuit of butterflies.
(d) He and his brother play in the secret spots.

2. What does Vladimir do before hurrying young Nabokov along to school?
(a) He checks his school work.
(b) He has him take a bath.
(c) He makes sure he eats breakfast.
(d) He bends down to kiss Nabokov.

3. Why does Max endear himself to the dogs?
(a) He is initially afraid of them, so he gives them treats, so they will stay calm.
(b) So they do not raise the alarm when he comes back from his late night trysts.
(c) He loves dogs.
(d) He would like to own a kennel of his own some day.

4. Who is he surprised to see on stage as "The Gala Girls?"
(a) Girls from the local village.
(b) Colette and her friends.
(c) The American girls from the skating rink.
(d) His mother and his sisters.

5. Vladimir is raised by his own share of governesses and tutors but where does he go at the age of 13?
(a) The Gymnasium.
(b) Berkshire Boys Academy.
(c) St. Petersburg Academy.
(d) Poly Preparatory.

6. What fills Nabokov with surprise, while roller-skating?
(a) An older American girl comments on his excellent skating.
(b) Colette is also roller-skating.
(c) His mother skates very well.
(d) He is not very good.

7. What is happening in the larger cities of Western Europe?
(a) They are losing Russian immigrants.
(b) They are unhappy about the number of Russians.
(c) They are not allowing Russians to immigrate to their countries.
(d) Russian writers and artists have a considerable presence.

8. What precaution does Nabokov's father take?
(a) He changes their last name
(b) He sends his family to Crimea.
(c) He puts them in hiding in St. Petersburg.
(d) He sends them to the United States.

9. What does young Nabokov's status as a child of the intelligentsia often do to him?
(a) It encourages him to make friends.
(b) It makes him stand out in a crowd.
(c) He receives many compliments.
(d) It isolates him from his fellow students

10. During this time, of what does Nabokov seem incapable?
(a) Of getting married.
(b) Having too many friends.
(c) A solid connection to any of the societies around him.
(d) Failing as a writer.

11. What is Vladimir elected to, which the Tsar dissolves?
(a) Russian House of Burgesses.
(b) First Russian Senate.
(c) Russian Congress.
(d) First Russian Parliament.

12. How many children do the Nabokovs eventually have?
(a) Four.
(b) Two.
(c) Six.
(d) Five.

13. Who does Nabokov meet at the age of sixteen?
(a) A young girl named Colette.
(b) A young girl named Tamara.
(c) His cousin, Yuri.
(d) His youngest brother.

14. What is one thing he recalls suddenly becoming aware of while creating a poem?
(a) His father is speaking to him.
(b) He has forgotten part of the poem.
(c) His mother is removing a plate of untouched food from in front of him.
(d) He's standing in the rain.

15. What makes becoming a Russian novelist an uphill battle for Nabokov at Cambridge?
(a) He does not speak Russian very well.
(b) The pull toward Western literature is strong.
(c) He is not a great writer.
(d) He does not know of very many Russian writers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does she tell him when he is finished reciting the poem?

2. Who dies young of a heart ailment?

3. In 1904, who does Nabokov remember meeting for the first time?

4. What does Nabokov mean when he says poetry is positional?

5. What is a crippling experience for him?

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