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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Yuri and Nabokov invent?
(a) A way to distract siblings.
(b) A tool to make household chores easier.
(c) A weapon.
(d) A game.

2. Other than his wife, what does Nabokov claim about his good friends?
(a) To have made no more than two good friends over a span of twenty years.
(b) They are artists and writers, like himself.
(c) He has many.
(d) They are all writers.

3. What is publication like outside of Russia?
(a) Often insufficiently lucrative to provide a comfortable existence.
(b) Better than in the United States.
(c) A well-paying, satisfying career.
(d) Not as good as in Russia.

4. What is Nabokov called in exile?
(a) An immigrant.
(b) A dirty Russian.
(c) A white Russian.
(d) A ymigry.

5. How does Sergei save the brothers from the Bolsheviks on the train?
(a) He convinces the Bolsheviks that he has leprosy.
(b) He holds them out a window.
(c) He shoots at the Bolsheviks.
(d) He convinces them he has typhus and that is why they are traveling alone in a locked compartment.

6. What does Vladimir continue to do while in exile in Berlin?
(a) Own property in Russia.
(b) Take his family to France for the summers.
(c) Write about human rights.
(d) Work for the Russian government.

7. Who dies young of a heart ailment?
(a) A Ukrainian mathematician.
(b) A Polish tutor.
(c) The schoolmaster.
(d) A Greek spelling tutor.

8. Who is their first spelling tutor?
(a) Dmitri.
(b) Ordo.
(c) Oliver.
(d) Max.

9. At what does Nabokov hint about Sergey?
(a) His desire to join the military.
(b) His possible homosexuality.
(c) His wish to emigrate to America.
(d) His interest in a girl.

10. How many children do the Nabokovs eventually have?
(a) Six.
(b) Four.
(c) Two.
(d) Five.

11. What does Sergey do during WWII?
(a) He builds weaponry.
(b) He is employed as a translator in Berlin.
(c) He emigrates to the United States and joins the Army.
(d) He is an SS soldier.

12. How does Nabokov's father die?
(a) He commits suicide in Paris.
(b) He is assassinated in Berlin.
(c) He has a stroke in Berlin.
(d) He has a heart attack in Paris.

13. What precaution does Nabokov's father take?
(a) He puts them in hiding in St. Petersburg.
(b) He changes their last name
(c) He sends them to the United States.
(d) He sends his family to Crimea.

14. Once, upon returning from the park with a poem freshly in his mind, what does he do?
(a) He recites it to his grandmother.
(b) He recites it to his nanny.
(c) He decides to recite the work to his mother.
(d) He recites it to his sister.

15. When does Nabokov begin to write poetry?
(a) Around 1924.
(b) Around 1934.
(c) Around 1904.
(d) Around 1914.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Nabokov have secret spots?

2. What country does the family travel through on their way to London?

3. What does she tell him when he is finished reciting the poem?

4. How is Nabokov's life at Cambridge, compared to his former existence?

5. When does his first poem take shape in his mind?

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