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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nabokov confess about Yuri and himself?
(a) The "slums of sex" were unknown to both of them.
(b) They wish they had girlfriends.
(c) They know nothing about America.
(d) The devastation of war is new to them.

2. What does Nabokov remember about his father's remarkable writing ability?
(a) He has beautiful handwriting.
(b) He is very poetic.
(c) He could write sentence after sentence without correction.
(d) He could spell any word.

3. What does the revolution do to most of the Russian writers and artists?
(a) Sends them into exile.
(b) Increases their fame.
(c) Gives them subjects for their work.
(d) Hires them to write about the revolution.

4. Who is he surprised to see on stage as "The Gala Girls?"
(a) The American girls from the skating rink.
(b) Colette and her friends.
(c) His mother and his sisters.
(d) Girls from the local village.

5. Why does she hand him a hand mirror?
(a) He has grown so much.
(b) His face is covered in dirt.
(c) He had smashed a mosquito on his cheek.
(d) He has a cut on his forehead.

6. Who finds himself surrounded by social elites whose view of the Revolution is, at least at first, far more positive than his own?
(a) Yuri.
(b) Nabokov.
(c) Sergey.
(d) Dmitri.

7. How does Nabokov's father die?
(a) He is assassinated in Berlin.
(b) He has a heart attack in Paris.
(c) He commits suicide in Paris.
(d) He has a stroke in Berlin.

8. After Cambridge, how is Nabokov's life?
(a) A middle-class life.
(b) A life of financial destitution and intellectual opulence.
(c) A similar life to that in Russia.
(d) A life of financial success and artistic destitution.

9. Who dies young of a heart ailment?
(a) A Greek spelling tutor.
(b) A Ukrainian mathematician.
(c) The schoolmaster.
(d) A Polish tutor.

10. At what does Nabokov hint about Sergey?
(a) His interest in a girl.
(b) His possible homosexuality.
(c) His wish to emigrate to America.
(d) His desire to join the military.

11. Who rents a modest summer cottage called a dachka?
(a) Tamara's parents.
(b) Colette parents.
(c) The Nabokov family.
(d) Nabokov's uncle.

12. Why is the relationship between Kirill, the younger brother, and Nabokov more like that of distant friends?
(a) Due to Kirill being given up for adoption.
(b) Due to the large gap in their ages.
(c) They have such different personalities.
(d) They do not get along.

13. Why is Lenski working as a tutor?
(a) He is paying off a debt to Nabokov's father.
(b) To put his son through undergraduate school at Cambridge.
(c) To put himself through graduate school at the University in St. Petersburg.
(d) He loves teaching children.

14. What is the last Nabokov hears of Lenski?
(a) He is working as an actor in London.
(b) He is scrapping by, selling painted seashells on the Riviera in France.
(c) He owns a restaurant in Dublin.
(d) He is a professor at the University of Paris.

15. How does Sergei save the brothers from the Bolsheviks on the train?
(a) He holds them out a window.
(b) He convinces them he has typhus and that is why they are traveling alone in a locked compartment.
(c) He shoots at the Bolsheviks.
(d) He convinces the Bolsheviks that he has leprosy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sergey do during WWII?

2. How does Lett punish the boys?

3. What is publication like outside of Russia?

4. What do Yuri and Nabokov invent?

5. What do both Vladimir's writings on technical matters as well as philosophical have in common?

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