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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Young Vladimir favor the new methods of studying butterflies?
(a) They are easier to use.
(b) He enjoys delving into the minutiae of the subject.
(c) They are more exciting.
(d) They are more efficient.

2. Though many doubt this ailment, What happens to Ivanovich?
(a) He dies from lung cancer.
(b) He slips a disc.
(c) He ends up with scoliosis.
(d) He dies of a heart ailment.

3. Of what are Nabokov's memories in a Russian setting?
(a) A quite Russian childhood.
(b) A quite German childhood.
(c) A quite English childhood.
(d) A quite French childhood.

4. To what simple rule does Nabokov's mother ascribe?
(a) Love your neighbors as yourself.
(b) Love with all your soul and leave the rest to fate.
(c) Follow the Golden Rule.
(d) Be honest and things will go your way.

5. At the time the family moves, where are Nabokov and his brother?
(a) In the University of Paris.
(b) In Cambridge.
(c) In New York University.
(d) In Oxford.

6. What game does the whole family often play on the estate?
(a) Badmitton.
(b) Rounders.
(c) Lawn tennis.
(d) Lawn bowling.

7. What does the butterfly net in particular always invite?
(a) Exciting questions.
(b) Curious visitors.
(c) Awkward comments.
(d) Intriguing discussions.

8. From where does Mademoiselle come?
(a) France.
(b) Africa.
(c) Switzerland.
(d) Denmark.

9. What properties do the Nabokovs own until the Russian revolution?
(a) Several summer cottages on the Baltic Sea.
(b) Several large estates south of St. Petersburg.
(c) A large estate in St. Petersburg.
(d) A large estate in Moscow.

10. From where is the family returning to Russia?
(a) A summer in France.
(b) Almost an entire year abroad.
(c) An autumn in London.
(d) A winter in Greece.

11. How does Mademoiselle provide Vladimir with an extra hour or two out of the darkness?
(a) He sits with him while he falls asleep.
(b) The light from her lamp gives a little light to his room.
(c) She allows him to fall asleep in her room.
(d) She leaves a candle lit by his bed.

12. Who is referred to simply as "Mademoiselle?"
(a) The governess.
(b) His aunt.
(c) His sister.
(d) The tutor.

13. Why does Nabokov's father force the family to leave a sidewalk cafe?
(a) The food is not edible.
(b) The father notices two Japanese officers dining at a nearby table.
(c) The wait staff is slow and untrained.
(d) His father sees an old acquaintance he would rather avoid.

14. How does Mr. Cummings influence Nabokov's scientific drawings of butterflies?
(a) He is Nabokov's drawing instructor.
(b) He is Nabokov's butterfly instructor.
(c) He is Nabokov's botanist.
(d) He is Nabokov's science instructor.

15. What is memorable about this first memory?
(a) He understands that he is a separate being from his father and mother.
(b) He wonders where his parents are.
(c) He understands that everyone must eat.
(d) He realizes he has the ability to control his own body.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does Nabokov compare existence?

2. What has Nabokov always had difficulty doing?

3. Why is the family forced to leave Russia?

4. Where does Nabokov's mother trick Dimitri into believing he is still?

5. This chapter is the first recorded work, published in French in 1936, under the name "Mademoiselle O."

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