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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Nabokov's family live until his father's death in 1922?
(a) In Berlin.
(b) In Hamburg.
(c) In Paris.
(d) In Brussels.

2. What does Nabokov's mother do on the trip to Paris?
(a) Plays games with her children.
(b) Watches as Russian, and then German, towns glide by.
(c) Talks to her husband.
(d) Sleeps.

3. What is young Vladimir's main concern?
(a) Whether or not he will be able to go horseback riding.
(b) Whether or not he can play in the forest.
(c) Whether or not he can play with his friends down the road.
(d) Whether or not he will be able to go hunting for new and rare butterflies.

4. Why is the family forced to leave Russia?
(a) The revolution has ended.
(b) Their religion is being persecuted.
(c) Their visas have expired.
(d) The father is in trouble with the police.

5. Where do the children bathe?
(a) The creek on the estate.
(b) Russian baths.
(c) English portable tubs.
(d) French bathing tubs.

6. After his retirement, from what does Dimitri Nabokov begin to suffer?
(a) Heart disease.
(b) Arthritis.
(c) Emphysema.
(d) Dementia.

7. During one such trip in the summer of 1909, who does young Nabokov meet?
(a) A young Spanish girl, named Clara.
(b) A young French girl, named Colette.
(c) A young German girl, named Brigitte.
(d) A young British girl, named Beth.

8. What would change throughout Nabokov's childhood, depending on the prevailing advice of the family's current medical consultant?
(a) The temperature in his home.
(b) How much he exercises.
(c) The medicines his mother uses.
(d) The temperature of the bath water.

9. What does this hobby do to him?
(a) It encourages him to spend time outside.
(b) It helps him make friends.
(c) It isolates him throughout life.
(d) It encourages him to study.

10. When do they arrive in Paris?
(a) Late afternoon.
(b) In the middle of the night.
(c) Early morning.
(d) Early afternoon.

11. What is the common name for Boletusoften?
(a) Tropical hibiscus.
(b) Blue grass.
(c) Red geraniums.
(d) Tube mushrooms.

12. How many years does Mademoiselle spend with the family?
(a) Seven.
(b) Five.
(c) Two
(d) Seventeen.

13. What has Nabokov always had difficulty doing?
(a) Speaking in public.
(b) Writing.
(c) Sleeping.
(d) Eating.

14. What does this thriving upper-class tourist industry offer?
(a) Expensive restaurants, street vendors, and swimming lessons.
(b) Gambling, live theatre, and music.
(c) Vendors lining the beach and even servants in the change huts to assist in the removal of bathing suits.
(d) Live performances, pubs and restaurants, and bicycles to rent.

15. To whom is Chapter Five devoted?
(a) Nabokov's mother.
(b) Nabokov's father.
(c) Nabokov's wife.
(d) Nabokov's governess.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why, when Nabokov is a child, is he terrified of the dark?

2. In exile in America, when a ranger or marshal spots him traipsing into the backwoods, net in hand, what is he asked?

3. To whom does Nabokov feel the strongest bond of kinship?

4. What does Young Vladimir discover in the family's attic?

5. What does Nabokov learn to read and write before Russian or French?

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