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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After his retirement, from what does Dimitri Nabokov begin to suffer?
(a) Emphysema.
(b) Arthritis.
(c) Heart disease.
(d) Dementia.

2. Though many doubt this ailment, What happens to Ivanovich?
(a) He ends up with scoliosis.
(b) He dies from lung cancer.
(c) He slips a disc.
(d) He dies of a heart ailment.

3. To whom does Nabokov feel the strongest bond of kinship?
(a) His mother's maternal grandfather, Nikolay Illarionovich Kozlov.
(b) His father's maternal grandfather, Nikolay Illarionovich Kozlov.
(c) His father's paternal grandfather, Nikolay Illarionovich Kozlov.
(d) His mother's paternal grandfather, Nikolay Illarionovich Kozlov.

4. Mademoiselle threatens several times to leave. Why does she end up staying?
(a) Nabokov's mother threatens her.
(b) Nabokov's mother talks her into staying
(c) Nabokov's mother gives her a raise.
(d) Nabokov's mother gives her gifts.

5. How does Nabokov open his autobiography?
(a) With a short meditation on the periods of inexistence before birth and after death.
(b) With a short story about the birth of his son.
(c) With a short review of Russian history.
(d) With an examination of his early childhood.

6. To what is Nabokov's mother quite sensitive?
(a) Seemingly small events.
(b) Insults.
(c) Insect bites.
(d) Perfume.

7. What does this hobby do to him?
(a) It encourages him to spend time outside.
(b) It encourages him to study.
(c) It helps him make friends.
(d) It isolates him throughout life.

8. Of what descent is Nabokov's mother?
(a) Aristocratic Swedish descent.
(b) Aristocratic Norwegian descent.
(c) Aristocratic German descent.
(d) Aristocratic English descent.

9. Where does Nabokov's family live until his father's death in 1922?
(a) In Berlin.
(b) In Paris.
(c) In Hamburg.
(d) In Brussels.

10. Who accompanies Vladimir and his companion on the beach?
(a) A cocker spaniel.
(b) The girl's little brother.
(c) His cousiin, Yuri.
(d) A fox terrier.

11. What does this thriving upper-class tourist industry offer?
(a) Gambling, live theatre, and music.
(b) Expensive restaurants, street vendors, and swimming lessons.
(c) Vendors lining the beach and even servants in the change huts to assist in the removal of bathing suits.
(d) Live performances, pubs and restaurants, and bicycles to rent.

12. How does Mademoiselle provide Vladimir with an extra hour or two out of the darkness?
(a) She allows him to fall asleep in her room.
(b) He sits with him while he falls asleep.
(c) The light from her lamp gives a little light to his room.
(d) She leaves a candle lit by his bed.

13. What does Nabokov reveal about his mind?
(a) He has depression.
(b) He has a great short-term memory.
(c) He hallucinates.
(d) He always associates sounds with colors.

14. When does Nabokov eventually discover a new species?
(a) At Cambridge.
(b) As a small boy in Russia.
(c) In Germany visiting his family.
(d) Not until he is an old man, living in exile in the United States.

15. When does Nabokov see Mademoiselle again after she is no longer in their household?
(a) In Paris right before the war.
(b) In New York after the family emigrates to the U.S.
(c) In London while Nabokov is at Cambridge.
(d) In Lausanne after the war.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many years does Mademoiselle spend with the family?

2. Why does Vasiliy insist upon lying supine on the floor?

3. Of what are Nabokov's memories in a Russian setting?

4. To what does Nabokov compare existence?

5. Each day, when he awakes, how can young Vladimir tell what kind of day it is?

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