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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Soon, the string of nurses transforms into what?
(a) A string of governesses.
(b) A string of teachers.
(c) A string of surgeons.
(d) A string of doctors.

2. What is young Vladimir's main concern?
(a) Whether or not he will be able to go horseback riding.
(b) Whether or not he can play with his friends down the road.
(c) Whether or not he will be able to go hunting for new and rare butterflies.
(d) Whether or not he can play in the forest.

3. What does Nabokov learn to read and write before Russian or French?
(a) German.
(b) Swedish.
(c) English.
(d) Dutch.

4. When does Nabokov eventually discover a new species?
(a) In Germany visiting his family.
(b) As a small boy in Russia.
(c) Not until he is an old man, living in exile in the United States.
(d) At Cambridge.

5. Who is referred to simply as "Mademoiselle?"
(a) The tutor.
(b) His aunt.
(c) His sister.
(d) The governess.

6. How does Nabokov open his autobiography?
(a) With a short story about the birth of his son.
(b) With a short review of Russian history.
(c) With a short meditation on the periods of inexistence before birth and after death.
(d) With an examination of his early childhood.

7. From where is the family returning to Russia?
(a) A summer in France.
(b) An autumn in London.
(c) A winter in Greece.
(d) Almost an entire year abroad.

8. What do the first-class carriages feature?
(a) Leather-covered walls, leather seats, and wide windows.
(b) Live music, leather seats, and large mirrors.
(c) Servants at every entrance, caviar, and live music.
(d) Leather-covered walls, large mirrors, and wide windows.

9. What does this thriving upper-class tourist industry offer?
(a) Gambling, live theatre, and music.
(b) Live performances, pubs and restaurants, and bicycles to rent.
(c) Expensive restaurants, street vendors, and swimming lessons.
(d) Vendors lining the beach and even servants in the change huts to assist in the removal of bathing suits.

10. Who are Miss Norcott and Miss Hunt?
(a) Two of Vladimir's governesses.
(b) Two of Vladimir's aunts.
(c) Two of Vladimir's tutors.
(d) Two of Vladimir's girlfriends.

11. Why is Nabokov disappointed to hear that one of his tutors marries a peasant girl?
(a) He thinks he should have married his aunt.
(b) He thinks he should have married one of his sisters.
(c) He thinks he should have married someone in a higher social class.
(d) He thinks of his tutors as people devoted to their art or profession.

12. This chapter is the first recorded work, published in French in 1936, under the name "Mademoiselle O."
(a) Chapter Seven.
(b) Chapter Five.
(c) Chapter Two.
(d) Chapter Four.

13. Why does Vasiliy insist upon lying supine on the floor?
(a) He claims it improves his posture.
(b) He claims it stretches out his spine.
(c) He claims it helps him breathe better.
(d) He claims it relieves his chest pains.

14. What does Young Vladimir discover in the family's attic?
(a) A book of his family's ancestry.
(b) A small collection of exotic butterflies.
(c) A small treasure trove of scientific books
(d) Souvenirs from the family trips to France.

15. What is memorable about this first memory?
(a) He wonders where his parents are.
(b) He understands that everyone must eat.
(c) He understands that he is a separate being from his father and mother.
(d) He realizes he has the ability to control his own body.

Short Answer Questions

1. During one such trip in the summer of 1909, who does young Nabokov meet?

2. What mystifies the two boys about Mademoiselle?

3. What does this hobby do to him?

4. What does the rain cause to grow on the estate?

5. With what is young Vladimir obsessed?

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