Sourcery Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Explain how the sourcerer came to be.

Ipslore the Red gives his son a name, Coin, as he stands talking to Death. Death is a skeleton figure that shows up when a person is about to die. Ipslore was the eighth son of a wizard and became a wizard who had an eighth son. Ipslore's son was a wizard squared, a source of all magic, a sourcerer. Ipslore passes on his magic staff to his infant son as his last minute of life passes. When Ipslore is struck dead, he is able to transfer his soul to the staff. Death can't get Ipslore out of the staff without killing Coin. The only way to separate a wizard from his staff is for the wizard to willingly throw it away, but no wizard has ever done this.

2. How is Rincewind first described? Why does he leave the Unseen University?

Rincewind is the lowest level wizard because he is incapable of passing any of the tests to move up a level even though he has been trying for sixteen years. He is tall and thin and scrubby. His wizard hat has the wrong spelling on it and it has lost most of its sequins. He is also cowardly. He notices the mice, the beetles and the ants all leaving the Unseen University. Knowing that trouble is coming, he too leaves not wanting to face whatever is coming.

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