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Drawing Discworld

Using a poster board, have students draw Discworld. They should show the turtle and the elephants holding it up as well as the Unseen University, the mountains, the water falls, and other details.

Magic Moments

Assign characters to students. Let them use costumes if they wish. Role play the novel in parts or in its entirety.

It's Better in Pictures

Make a storyboard on poster board. Students should create enough panels to tell all of the major events of the story.

What's In A Novel?

Create a literary map: introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, denouement, characters, plot, setting and theme.

What Are They Wearing?

Design costumes for the major characters of the story.

A Magic Hat

Create magic hats either out of fabric or paper. Decorate them. Write a paragraph describing the magic that the hat holds.

How Does It All End

Create a different...

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