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• A sourcerer is born as the eighth son of the eighth son.

• Ipslore the Red is visited by Death.

• Ipslore asks Death what the destiny of the sourcerer will be.

• Death answers only that he has come for Ipslore.

• Iplsore tricks Death by placing his soul in the metal staff he had made for his son the sourcerer.
• The Great A' Tuin is the turtle that carries the four elephants that carry Discworld.

• Discworld is a circle fringed by waterfalls.

• The Unseen University houses a magnificent hat.

• Rincewind is an assistant to the Librarian at the Unseen University.

• Rincewind has not achieved even first level wizardry.
• On one particular day, Rincewind notices that the bugs, mice, and rats are leaving the University.

• He becomes spooked by this and decides to leave also.

• Rincewood takes his Luggage, which is a living entity that eats people.

• While waiting...

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