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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Woman ask the Man to do in the last scene, which he refuses?

2. How does the Man react to what he hears in Scene 6?

3. What does the Woman want the Man to do with the sword when she is scared in Scene 8?

4. What does the Man get rid of for the Woman in Scene 5?

5. What falls to the ground at the very end of the play?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The "Sound of a Voice" is set in Japan, and much evidence of this location is spread throughout the play. Please answer the following with supporting examples:

1) How does the author inform the audience of the play's location without saying it outright?

2) How are aspects of Japanese culture reflected in the play's presentation and the character's lives?

3) Describe at least three influential occurrences in the plot that reflect important values of Japanese culture.

Essay Topic 2

The plot of "The Sound of a Voice" illustrates the lives of the Man and the Woman over a short span of time. Answer the following questions with supporting examples:

1) How does the organization of the play influence the plot of the story?

2) How does the short period together affect the way the characters are portrayed to interact with each other?

3) Why did the author choose to focus on such a short span of time? How does this affect the presentation of the play as a theatrical performance?

Essay Topic 3

The death of the Woman greatly affects the character of the Man and serves as a climactic event in the play. Respond with supporting examples to the following:

1) In what ways has death been portrayed in "The Sound of a Voice"? What significance do these instances of death have?

2) How is the death of the Woman symbolized? In what ways does her death reflect her life?

3) Is the death of the Woman foreshadowed in the play? Does her death seem inevitable?

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