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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What chore is the Woman doing at the beginning of the fifth scene?
(a) Cooking breakfast.
(b) Chopping wood.
(c) Polishing a sword.
(d) Scrubbing the floors.

2. What does the Woman say she will enjoy being as she plays the flute in Scene 7?
(a) A memory.
(b) Part of the Man's dreams.
(c) A musician.
(d) A skilled woman.

3. What does the Man discover happened to him after he stops meditating?
(a) He is cut and bleeding under his chin.
(b) His hearing has gone.
(c) He no longer can see.
(d) He has lost all his money.

4. What does the Man want the Woman to do for him one day in Scene 5?
(a) Play her music for him.
(b) Become his wife.
(c) Make his favorite food.
(d) Write him a story.

5. What does the Woman say she has taught herself to do?
(a) Make the flute sound like a human voice.
(b) Keep herself safe.
(c) Learn how to cook.
(d) Make memories live forever.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Man say he last heard about his friend's condition?

2. What does the Woman bring the Man in Scene 9, saying that he should not forget it?

3. How does the Man describe the Woman's appearance in the eighth scene?

4. What does the Woman understand the Man's confession to mean?

5. What is the Man's response when the Woman offers to play the flute for him in Scene 7?

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