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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Man looks through the screen at night in Scene 6, what does he see?
(a) The Woman.
(b) The full moon.
(c) A family of deer.
(d) Nothing.

2. At the beginning of Scene 8, what is the Woman doing?
(a) Folding laundry.
(b) Modeling a new kimono.
(c) Practicing with the sword.
(d) Pouring tea.

3. Why is the Woman shocked to see the Man when she comes back in Scene 8?
(a) He is sleeping.
(b) He is not wearing clothes.
(c) He is gone.
(d) He is sitting in a dangerous position.

4. What does the Woman say she tried to do for both the Man and herself?
(a) Make both of them less lonely.
(b) Find a new home.
(c) Bring happiness to them.
(d) Bring wealth to them.

5. What does the Woman say she only intended to do for the Man?
(a) Make him tea.
(b) Marry him.
(c) Care for him.
(d) Heal his wounds.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Man say his friend told him to do if he sees something better than this world while meditating?

2. What is the Man doing at the beginning of Scene 7?

3. What does the Woman accuse the Man of believing in the last scene?

4. What does the Man pick up at the end of the final scene?

5. What does the Man confess to the Woman in Scene 9?

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