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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the author of "The Sound of a Voice"?
(a) Amy Tan.
(b) Jhumpa Lahiri.
(c) Peter Bacho.
(d) David Henry Hwang.

2. What does the Man say about the flowers in the vase?
(a) They do not grow nearby.
(b) They are beautiful.
(c) They are poisonous.
(d) They are ugly.

3. What does the Man ask the Woman when she tells him her fears?
(a) How is her husband?
(b) How can she sleep in a quiet place?
(c) How are her children?
(d) How does she make a living?

4. In the first scene, after the Woman clears the dishes, what does she take with her out of the room?
(a) The Man's sleeping mat.
(b) The vase of flowers.
(c) Her silk kimono.
(d) The Man's sword.

5. What is the Man doing in the beginning of the second scene?
(a) Sharpening his sword.
(b) Sleeping.
(c) Eating breakfast.
(d) Preparing to leave.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Man notice the Woman is staring at in Scene 3?

2. How does Scene 1 conclude?

3. What does the Man make a joke about in Scene 3?

4. Where does the Man hide the flower he takes in Scene 1?

5. Who are the two main characters?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the main theme in Scene 1?

2. What has changed about the Man's reaction at night in Scene 4 from the previous scene of him at night?

3. What is the play's message about relationships between men and women?

4. What does the Woman tell the Man to do at the end of the third scene, and what does she do to the man?

5. What is the Man doing at the beginning of the final scene? What does confess, and what does the Woman interpret this to mean?

6. Why is the Woman afraid that the Man does not like her anymore in the seventh scene?

7. What does the Man explain to the Woman about what his friend told him about meditating?

8. How has the Man's attitude toward the Woman changed in Scene 8 compared to the previous scenes, and why?

9. What does the Man say when the when the Woman inquires about his decision in Scene 2?

10. Why does the Man send the Woman away in Scene 7?

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