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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does the Woman tell the man to stop telling a story about his friend?
(a) He is a terrible storyteller.
(b) He is lying.
(c) She is ill from hearing it.
(d) He cannot get rid of her that easily.

2. How does the Man describe the Woman's appearance in the eighth scene?
(a) Beautiful.
(b) Disturbing.
(c) Ugly.
(d) Nothing special.

3. What does the Woman warn the Man about in the final scene?
(a) The ground beneath him is unstable.
(b) The air is heavy with dread.
(c) The clounds will tremble with thunder.
(d) The water will never run dry.

4. What does the Woman first say of her knowledge with a sword?
(a) She knows nothing.
(b) She has learned much from her brother.
(c) She is an expert.
(d) She knows how to defend herself.

5. What does the Woman understand the Man's confession to mean?
(a) He truly loved her.
(b) He was lying and was a theif.
(c) He was playing a joke on her.
(d) He came to kill her.

6. What does the Man do at the end of the final scene?
(a) Leaves and never comes back.
(b) Stays with the Woman.
(c) Leaves and comes back a few minutes later.
(d) Sits and meditates on his life.

7. What does the Man say his friend told him to do if he sees something better than this world while meditating?
(a) Turn his mind away.
(b) Consult the gods for guidance.
(c) Drop his head onto the sword.
(d) Pray for that to come true.

8. What does the Woman urge the Man to do at the end of the fifth scene?
(a) Leave.
(b) Stay with her.
(c) Speak again.
(d) Sing.

9. What does the Man get rid of for the Woman in Scene 5?
(a) A dead rat.
(b) A noisey bird.
(c) The stain on her floor.
(d) A dead tree.

10. What does the Woman do to stop the Man from meditating?
(a) Pretends to faint.
(b) Makes a lot of noise.
(c) Pulls the sword out from under him.
(d) Calls him in for dinner.

11. What does the Man kill with his sword?
(a) A mosquito.
(b) A bird.
(c) A mouse.
(d) A grasshopper.

12. After the Man compliments the Woman on her flute playing, how often does the Woman say she will play her music?
(a) Every night.
(b) Never again.
(c) Once a week.
(d) All day.

13. How does the Man react to what he hears in Scene 6?
(a) He draws his sword and is aware.
(b) He is calm and does not draw his sword.
(c) He goes back to sleep.
(d) He gets angry and yells.

14. What is the Woman wearing in the sixth scene?
(a) A beautiful kimono.
(b) A suit of armor.
(c) Her nightshirt.
(d) A fancy dress.

15. In the last scene, what does the Man ask the Woman to force him to do?
(a) Love her.
(b) Give her money.
(c) Kill her.
(d) Stay with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Scene 5, what does the Man tell the Woman he heard her doing at night?

2. What does the Man discover happened to him after he stops meditating?

3. What does the Woman say she dreamed about?

4. What does the Woman say she only intended to do for the Man?

5. What does the Woman ask the Man to do in the last scene, which he refuses?

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