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Objective: Scene 1 "The Sound of a Voice" is written by David Henry Hwang, an Asian American writer born in 1957. This objective discusses relevant author biographical information concerning the play.

1) In-Class Report: Have students work both in the classroom and in the library to create a short biographical report about David Henry Hwang. Students should cover topics such as Hwang's cultural heritage and literary influences.

2) Further Research: Have students research the history of the play working in groups. When was "The Sound of a Voice" written? Where was the play first performed? What type of audience did the play open to? How well was the play received?

3) Class Discussion: Review with the class a short biography of David Henry Hwang. Discuss how the author's life might influence the play. At what point in his life did he write this play? What type of relationships has the author had...

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