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Scene 1

• Scene 1: A Japanese woman pours tea for an aging Japanese samurai.

• Neither character reveals a name, so the Man is called Man Who Fears Women and Man Who Fears Silence. The Woman is called Hanako, Flower Girl.

• The Woman is glad to have visitors and expresses her fear of silence, which the Man also fears.

• The Man is awakened in the night by the sound of a flute, and draws his sword in defense against the sound.

• The Man calms down and rests with his sword ready on his lap.

Scene 2

• Scene 2: The Man prepares to leave the Woman after the previous night's events.

• The Man tells the Woman that her flowers do not grow nearby.

• The Woman expresses how much she cares for her flowers, which can live for months.

• The Woman tells the Man that she creates a world beyond that which he can know...

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