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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Quentin commit suicide?

2. How much money does Uncle Maury want from his sister?

3. How does Caddy make Benjy cry?

4. What does Benjy say Caddy smells like?

5. Why does the store owner employ Jason?

Short Essay Questions

1. In way does Jason show himself to be a racist?

2. How does Quentin see Caddy?

3. What positive effect does Caddy have on Benjy's life?

4. How does Quentin react when he is accused of kidnapping the the Italian girl?

5. What can the reader understand about Benjy?

6. In what way does Faulkner suggest Caddy could be a homosexual?

7. What tragedies do you think have have shaped Jason's life?

8. Why is Benjy's section so hard to understand?

9. What complaints does the female Quentin have about Benjy?

10. In what way is Quentin's behavior towards his sister inappropriate?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

All the children grow up into very different characters. Why do you think they strive for individuality? Do you think it is more damaging than healthy? Do you think they are ever likely to find themselves?

Essay Topic 2

In what way does Faulkner express Benjy and Quentin's obsessive behavior? Why do you think Jason is the only narrator not to have obsessive behavior? What meaning does it give to his character and the novel?

Essay Topic 3

A southern family is often depicted as close knit and bonded by religion and a strong identity. Why do you think Faulkner chose to portray a dysfunctional southern family during this time? What was happening in American life where he could make such a negative portrayal?

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