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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lorraine call Jason in her letter?
(a) Sweet daddy
(b) Big man
(c) Looney tune
(d) Steel buns

2. What was the name of Caddy's husband?
(a) Herbert Head
(b) Jacob Legg
(c) Simon Goldsmith
(d) Anthony Corelli

3. How many notes does Quentin write?
(a) Four
(b) Five
(c) Two
(d) One

4. What does Quentin buy after breakfast?
(a) A cigar
(b) A gun
(c) A pair of swimming trunks
(d) A cake

5. Whose watch can Quentin hear ticking?
(a) His father's
(b) Shreve's
(c) His mother's
(d) His Grandfather's

6. What does Jason say will happen to Dilsey if he lets Caddy see her child again?
(a) She will get the sack.
(b) She will become a social outcast.
(c) She will get beaten.
(d) She will will die.

7. What does Quentin say she will do if Jason does not release her?
(a) Kill him
(b) Slap him
(c) Kiss him
(d) Stamp on his foot

8. What kind of Jews does Jason resent?
(a) Zionists
(b) Orthodox Jews
(c) Jews working on the New York stock market
(d) Eastern European Jews

9. Why does Jason want to send Benjy to an asylum?
(a) To get tax benefits
(b) Because Benjy is insane
(c) Because Benjy is an embarrashment
(d) So they can live a happier life

10. Who does Quentin see in the bakery?
(a) Caddy
(b) An Italian child
(c) His mother
(d) A stray dog

11. What did Quentin's father tell him about women?
(a) They are all immoral.
(b) They play games.
(c) They only want one thing.
(d) They can love anybody.

12. What illness does Jason tell Dilsey Caddy has?
(a) Cancer
(b) Aids
(c) Leprosy
(d) Polio

13. What does Quentin think about the smell of honey suckle?
(a) It the most beatiful small of them all.
(b) It is the saddest smell of them all.
(c) It makes him sneeze.
(d) It reminds him of the summer.

14. Who is the only member of the family whom Mrs. Compson thinks has not been a curse on her?
(a) Her husband
(b) Jason
(c) Quentin
(d) Caddy

15. What is the name of the black man Quentin befriends?
(a) Deacon
(b) Randy
(c) Phillip
(d) Luster

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Quentin's friend?

2. Why has Luster not changed Jason's tire?

3. How does Quentin think his sister has behaved?

4. What does Quentin try to persuade Caddy not to do?

5. What does Uncle Maury chew to mask the alcohol on his breath?

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